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General Sessions

Starting Tuesday, April 9, you’ll be able to access the new live stream experience and special interactive features.

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Tuesday, April 9 5:00–6:00 P.M. PDT

Co-Founder Scott Farquhar and guest speaker Shawn Achor will explore the connection between happiness, success, and unleashing your team’s potential.

Day 2

Wednesday, April 10 9:00–10:30 A.M. PDT

The world of work is changing. Join our Co-Founders and discover how to drive innovation through open practices, flexible tools, and an agile mindset.

Day 3

Thursday, April 11 9:00–10:00 A.M. PDT

‘Open' is in our DNA. Go on our journey as an open company, and learn how we build trust, create connections, and make work more meaningful.

ShipIt Live!

Thursday, April 11 5:00–6:00 P.M. PDT

We're bringing back our quarterly, 24-hour period of innovation! Witness teams race against the clock to ship a project and vote for your favorite.

Product Keynote

Server and Data Center

Wednesday, April 10 11:00–11:40 A.M. PDT

See the newest offerings and how we’re supporting scaling your teams, applications, infrastructure, your next chapter of growth with Atlassian.

Confluence and Trello

Wednesday, April 10 2:00–2:40 P.M. PDT

See the latest and greatest Confluence and Trello features to help teams of all kinds increase velocity, build a shared understanding, transparency, and trust.

Jira Software and Bitbucket Cloud

Wednesday, April 10 2:50–3:30 P.M. PDT

Take a look at the cloud-based tools that make it easy for every team to combine the benefits of best of breed with the simplicity of an all-in-one approach.

Jira Service Desk, Opsgenie, Statuspage

Wednesday, April 10 4:00–4:40 P.M. PDT

Explore the new developments across our cloud products built to help IT build world-class operations, incident management, and support organization.

Breakout Sessions

Beyond Jira: The Wall of Work

April 10 11:00–11:40 A.M. PDT

Learn how Optimizely moved to scrum and beyond, implemented Enterprise Service Planning, and increased overall velocity and customer value.

Unlearn First, Transform Next

April 10 11:50-12:05 P.M. PDT

Learn how Optimizely moved to scrum and beyond, implemented Enterprise Service Planning, and increased overall velocity and customer value.

Be More Productive with Confluence

April 10 11:50-12:05 P.M. PDT

Whether you're just starting out, or working in it every day, you’ll discover new "hacks" that will maximize your productivity and make work flow.

Create the Future of Work While You're Living It

April 10 2:00-2:40 P.M. PDT

Explore the five obsolete ways you’re working and learn the top teamwork hacks from successful business around the world.

Building a Culture of Trust and Transparency through Confluence

April 10 2:50-3:30 P.M. PDT

Join HubSpot’s Chief People Officer on their journey of building an award-winning culture that embraces transparency, trust, and alignment.

Ethical by Design: How to Build Good Technology

April 10 4:00-4:40 P.M. PDT

The ethics of tech is under a spotlight. See how embedding ethics in technical design processes can prevent costly redesigns and company scandals.

How Data Center Can Help You Sleep Better

April 10 4:50-5:30 P.M. PDT

See how LinkedIn scaled 3 million Jira issues and 500 million users with Data Center. Learn if the effort was worth it, and what life has been like since.

Resolve Incidents Faster: Transforming your Incident Management Process

April 10 4:50-5:30 P.M. PDT

Explore how teams at Amazon, Google, and Atlassian work when they’re faced with a complex mix of systems, software, and teams.

Ultimate Dogfooding: Behind the Scenes of Building the New Jira

April 11 10:30-11:10 A.M. PDT

Learn how we made Jira Cloud a more attractive tool for everyone during the full development life cycle, and how to make the tool work for any team.

Top 10 Tips for Securing and Scaling Atlassian Cloud

April 11 10:30-11:10 A.M. PDT

See Atlassian's top recommendations for governance, user management, and security for our cloud products. Learn what to do, and what to avoid.

A Little Prep Goes a Long Way: Planning your next Jira Server Upgrade

April 11 11:20–12:00 P.M. PDT

Upgrading can be a scary undertaking. Prepare first and get the list of steps that will ensure your next upgrade goes off without a hitch.

Can DevOps and ITSM be BFFs?

April 11 11:20–12:00 P.M. PDT

Which one is better? Learn about the new ITIL 4 framework that bridges the gap with new principles and the 5 practices for high-velocity IT teams.

Concept to Launch: The Ultimate Confluence Guide for Software Teams

April 11 2:00–2:40 P.M. PDT

Discover how teams ideate, discover, strategize, define requirements, communicate and more throughout the entire software development cycle.

The 5 Biggest Productivity Blockers (And How to Fix Them)

April 11 2:00–2:40 P.M. PDT

Explore proven scientific solutions to help you better prioritize, manage time, focus, get feedback, and ultimately, stop feeling so overwhelmed.

Advocating Adoption: Best Practices for User-Friendly Jira Configurations

April 11 2:50–3:30 P.M. PDT

Get best practices that led to a speedy adoption of Jira at AppDynamics, and the configurations that make it more approachable. 

How to Power Continuous Deployment at Any Scale with Atlassian

April 11 2:50–3:30 P.M. PDT

Learn how to scale while balancing the demands of risk and compliance, and different organizational needs in persuit of DevOps perfection.

Mission Possible: How VMware's Private Cloud Migrated to Jira Service Desk

April 11 4:00–4:40 P.M. PDT

See how VMware’s teams architected, designed, and deployed end-to-end service and how your teams can beat timelines and do the same.

Designing for Agile Delight! Customer Obsessed Innovation at Intuit

April 11 4:00–4:40 P.M. PDT

Learn about their "Design for Delight" (D4D) process that deliver s and enhances agility and keeps internal teams and customers happy.

News Desk

Values-Based Productivity: An Inside-Out Approach

April 10 12:30–12:45 P.M. PDT

Join Valia Glytsis to learn how to master productivity and unravel constrained beliefs around your time and energy.

Empathizing Your Way to Effective Teamwork

April 10 1:30–1:45 P.M. PDT

Join Sophie Wade to hear insights about why and how empathy is impacting the workplace, and get practical tips to improve your empathy skills.

Your Journey to Cloud-Native Begins with DevOps, Microservices, and Containers

April 10 2:00–2:15 P.M. PDT

Join Mike Maheu from Go2Group to learn why more teams are choosing microservices, and how to take the next steps in your cloud journey.

Herding Wild Ducks: Deploying and Scaling Jira at IBM

April 11 10:30–10:45 A.M. PDT

Taylor Frank from IBM helps her teams work in a more productive and agile way. Hear how she uses tools and principles to empower employees.

Advocating Adoption: Best Practices for User-Friendly Jira Configurations

April 11 11:00–11:15 A.M. PDT

Alex Christensen from AppDynamic shares how he thinks about vetting tools and successfully rolling them out to an organization.

The Science of How to Design Your Most Effective Workday

April 11 1:00–1:15 P.M. PDT

Explore research from psychology and neuroscience with Dr. Amantha Imber, and learn how to transform your habits and optimize your work hours.

DevOps with AWS

April 11 1:25–1:40 P.M. PDT

Join Curtis Rissi to hear how AWS moves business forward with DevOps.

How to Build a Healthy On-Call Culture

April 11 3:15–3:30 P.M. PDT

Until incidents are a thing of the past, we need on-call engineers. Serhat Can from Atlassian shares the keys to building a healthy on-call culture.

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