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Brendan Duke Award.jpgLast week at JavaOne 2009, Atlassian Clover received the Duke's Choice Award for Java Technology Tools. Clover was hand picked by the Father of Java himself, James Gosling, for it's revolutionary Test Optimization capabilities which can significantly speed up development.

Here is write-up from JavaOne:

Clover is a Java software code coverage tool with test-level insight, instant IDE feedback, interactive reports and test optimization. Clover allows the Java Code Coverage tool to be superior over other coverage tools. More than just a coverage percentage, Clover provides insight into user testing by identifying project risks and quick wins. Clover identifies specific tests that cover various lines of code and automatically identifies which tests need to be run to cover any particular changes. And because of the IDE integration, all the power of Clover test insight can be harnessed without ever leaving your workbench.

clover icon.pngThe Duke award was presented to Brendan Humphreys, Chief Code Poet and Technical Lead of the Clover development team as part of James' Java Toy Show at JavaOne 2009. Principle developers also include Slawek Ginter, Nick Pellow, and Michael Studman.

Congratulations to the entire Clover team!! Learn more at

Check out the video:

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