The Center of Excellence: A key factor in LPM success

Enterprises are increasingly implementing Lean Portfolio Management to accelerate growth and business agility. Join this webinar to hear what factors our experts say lead to a successful Lean Portfolio Management implementation, including creating a Lean-Agile Center of Excellence.

Lean Portfolio Management is where strategy and execution converge. Jira Align plays a key role in that transformation, powered by integrated planning teams and strategic portfolio alignment.

In this webinar, presenters from Atlassian and Scaled Agile, Inc. share their current best thinking and first-hand knowledge gained from guiding LPM implementations at various stages of planning and execution.

Our presenters will cover:

  • Emerging patterns of LPM in practice
  • Forming a guiding coalition and the impact of a Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE)
  • The roles of leaders, change agents and team members
  • Balancing near-term opportunities with long-term strategy and growth
  • Using Jira Align to gain broad visibility and connect strategy to work



Mark Cruth

Mark Cruth

Senior Enterprise Solutions Architect

Mark 与世界各地的组织合作,借助 Atlassian 产品来加强当前工作与所追求目标之间的联系。自 2009 年以来,Mark 一直是敏捷开发的积极倡导者,他的使命是在自己的所有工作中引入敏捷的价值观和相关原则。凭借其在多个行业(包括制造业、电子商务、大数据和金融科技)担任敏捷教练、Scrum 大师和产品负责人来支持转型和价值交付的丰富经验,他具备敏捷产品开发和团队动态方面的深厚知识。除了埋头苦读自我管理的最新书籍或与领导团队进行深入对话,在空闲之余,Mark 会阅读他最喜欢的科幻小说(尤其是 Brandon Sanderson 的小说),或是与他的孩子们一起摆弄乐高积木。

Deema Dajani headshot

Deema Dajani

Product Manager, Scaled Agile, Inc.

Deema draws upon a startup background and an MBA from Kellogg to help large established institutions create the environment to shape disruption with business agility and Lean Portfolio Management (LPM). She started her Agile journey in the early 2000’s as a Product Manager, Director of Strategy, and pre-IPO turn around specialist. Deema transitioned to Advisory where she led some of the largest transformations to Lean-Agile with SAFe in Financial Services and Insurance. Deema currently serves as a Scaled Agile Product Manager focused on LPM and Leadership. She is also a co-founder of the Women in Agile, a non-profit organization focused on breaking barriers and inclusivity in the Agile community.