How enterprises leverage cloud to scale

Can cloud support large enterprises? Can it grow as our business does? How many users can it realistically support?

These questions are common—and important. And the answers are all good news. Yes, Atlassian Cloud supports large enterprises. Yes, it is built to grow with your business. And yes, your thousands of users are no problem for us.  

These myths might be a holdover from a time when small teams adopted cloud faster and earlier than the big enterprises, but today the concerns behind them are most definitely mythology.

Myth: “Cloud is only for small teams.”

With heavy hitters like Redfin, Afterpay, Dropbox, and Rockwell Automation embracing Atlassian Cloud, this simply isn’t true. In fact, 80% of the Fortune 500 have an Atlassian Cloud license. We have 10 million monthly active users. And more than 170,000 customers use our products across 190 countries. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just ask Redfin and its 3,000+ employees. Their Director of Engineering, Evan Lerer says cloud is a no-brainer for a large company:

“We [were] managing too much of our own infrastructure. I would much rather be building new things that help us improve than maintaining old things…Frankly, having our engineers or IT professionals manage our systems on-premise is a waste of time and money. If there’s a company that already has amazing products, why not have them do it? That way, we can spend our time working on the things that we're good at and reduce maintenance and toil.”

Enterprise scalability

Cloud is built to scale with your business—in terms of both computing power and features. That’s why we have tiered plans—Standard, Premium, and Enterprise—with each plan building on the others to offer features and options important for larger, more complex organizations.

Wondering how high-performing companies scale in the cloud? We wrote a white paper for you.

Myth: “Cloud doesn’t support the complexity of enterprises.”

With more complex infrastructure, globally distributed teams, and significant requirements for everything from security and compliance to change management, enterprise companies are certainly in a league of their own.

But, as the numbers above demonstrate, that hasn’t kept the heavy hitters away from the proven benefits of cloud. In fact, the right cloud plan not only supports complex enterprise needs; it simplifies them.

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