What's new in Jira Software

Get the lowdown on all the new features since Jira Software 7.0. Tune in for a feature tour of 7.1 - 7.5 along with upgrade tips and best practices.

Since launching Jira Software 7.0 two years ago, we have focused on removing the friction between process and work. We prioritized the highest voted requests around flexibility and permissions, so you can scale your instance as you grow. With the new Jira Software, your team is empowered to own your processes, designate administration at the project level, and more.

Join Gosia Kowalska, the Lead Product Manager for Jira Software, for a technical overview of the following:

  • Powerful features added in 7.1-7.4
  • New features in 7.5
  • Upgrade tips

Finally, we'll open up a Q&A session with our Jira Software Support Engineers where you can ask any questions you have regarding functionality, features, or the upgrade process. 


Gosia Kowalska

Lead Product Manager, Jira Software

Gosia Kowalska is the Lead Product Manager for Jira Software at Atlassian based in Gdańsk, Poland. She's spent her career working on successful large-scale web and mobile applications for the past 15 years.

She is passionate about keeping a customer-centric approach, maintaining a data-driven workflow, and building products that help customers be more efficient.