Work Management At Scale: Trello’s Product Vision For Large Teams In The Cloud

Join this webinar to hear directly from Trello’s leadership team on how growing from startup to successful-at-scale over the past decade has driven the development of Trello Enterprise, including upcoming product improvements that bring a new perspective to organizations collaborating in the cloud. It’s the Trello you know and love, with an added emphasis on supporting productive work management for large teams.

The digital transformation to an office in the cloud has already begun. With companies needing to mobilize their workforce to work from anywhere, it’s no surprise that many organizations are taking a critical eye to their tools and considering where to invest their time and resources. 

Whether you’re considering an investment in Trello at scale, or looking at how to expand your organization’s use of the tool, this webinar will give you insights into how we are investing in your success. Starting with the basics—board, lists, and cards—then expanding into more advanced features like automation, secure administration, and top-requested end user features, we’re changing how large enterprises will be interacting and working with each other, from anywhere.

Come join us at a roundtable with Trello’s leadership team to learn more about our use of Trello Enterprise, how we envision Trello in the enterprise and the future of large organizations collaborating productively in the cloud.


Lauren Moon

Product Marketing, Trello

Host Lauren Moon is a content and product marketer who loves talking all things remote work, productivity, and Trello tips.

Michael Pryor

Head of Trello

Michael Pryor is the co-founder and head of Trello. Prior to co-founding Trello, Michael was a co-founder of Fog Creek Software, a renowned software development company that created popular developer tools, and sat on the board of Stack Exchange, the #1 question and answer site for developers globally. All of these companies have been successful at building team culture with hybrid work.

Justin Gallagher

Head of Product Management, Trello

Justin Gallagher helped design and build the very first version of Trello and launched the product at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2011. He now oversees the Product and Design teams for Trello.