How Hipchat Ships and Recovers Fast with DevOps Practices

Come out of this session with a newfound understanding of how to use Atlassian products within your DevOps workflow!

Hipchat operates a ‘You Build It, You Run It’ service model, where developers are responsible for building, testing, and operating their systems.  While we have a high speed of development, things can break – but we also recover quickly.

Learn about how we've integrated best practices within our planning, building, operating and learning processes to optimize for speed and efficiency but also mitigate, prepare for, and handle incidents.

The presenter will walk you through four steps for how to operate at a high speed of development and also prepare for any incident — planning, prevention, preparation and collecting feedback— and instruct you on how you can build these processes into your Atlasssian workflow (including Jira Software, Hipchat, Bitbucket, Confluence, Bamboo, and Statuspage).

Learn about:

  • Planning: How we use Jira Software and Confluence to plan roadmaps and sync up with teams
  • Prevention: Best practices during code reviews and testing
  • Preparation: How we prepare for incidents with war games
  • Review: Collecting feedback, assessing incident causes and improving our processes


Mickie Betz

Platform Engineer, Hipchat

Mickie Betz is a platform engineer on Hipchat and loves building fast, highly scalable, reliable software. She is currently serving a blissful term of indentured servitude to her dog, is a total sucker for interspecies animal friendships, and has a borderline addiction to cheese.