Introduction to the Incident Command Center

This webinar is from when Opsgenie first launched the Incident Command Center (ICC). Here we demonstrate how the ICC enables efficient command, control, and coordination durinfg incident response.

This webinar covers:

  • Bringing responders together in a virtual “war room” using Opsgenie-hosted audio and video conferencing
  • Tracking team activity and status from a centralized dashboard
  • Enabling collaboration across desktop and mobile devices
  • Capturing detailed metrics for post-incident analysis


Emel Dogrusoz

Head of Product, Opsgenie

Emel Dogrusoz is the Head of Product for Opsgenie, Atlassian’s on-call and incident management product. Having worked with dev and ops teams for years, Emel has focused on building products that make the lifes of these teams easier. She’s committed to learning more and spreading the word about building resilient systems.