What is a Wallboard?

Learn more about wallboards and information radiators!

What is a wallboard?

A wallboard is a type of information radiator that displays vital data about the progress of the development team. Similar to a scoreboard at a sporting event, wallboards are large, highly visible and easy to understand for anyone walking by.

Traditional wallboards are made of paper or use sticky notes on a wall. Electronic wallboards are very effective since they update automatically with real-time data ensuring that people check back regularly.

'Old school' wallboard with burndown and value charts

Case Study

See how the Atlassian JIRA team uses wallboards to track bugs in development and QA.
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Turn JIRA into an information radiator with the JIRA Wallboards plugin

JIRA Plugin

Check out what's new in the latest version of the JIRA Wallboards plugin.
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The JIRA Wallboards Plugin

The JIRA Wallboards Plugin takes advantage of OpenSocial to turn the JIRA dashboard into a wallboard for your team. Each component of the wallboard is implemented as an OpenSocial gadget with a special Wallboard view type.

There are currently 8 gadgets available with the JIRA Wallboards Plugin for you to pull data from JIRA & GreenHopper, Bamboo, Crucible and Twitter.

Install the JIRA Wallboards Plugin directly from JIRA using the Universal Plugin Manager or download it from the Atlassian Plugin Exchange.

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