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Earning Atlassian Badges helps you expand and sharpen your knowledge of Atlassian products and extend your related Certifications. You do not have to be Certified in order to earn this Badge.

Your Badge will initially be valid for 24 months from the date you earn it. To keep it active, simply earn any other Skills Badge or Pro Skills Badge. Register for the exam.


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Description of Exam Audience
  • You are a Scrum Master, Product Owner or Manager, Program Manager or Release Train Engineer, Solution Train or Value Stream Engineer, member of Portfolio Leadership, or other executive who uses Jira Align in your day-to-day work.

  • You understand lean and agile principles, practices, and frameworks, particularly Scrum and Kanban.

  • You understand and have worked with an agile scaling framework, such as DAD, LeSS, SAFe, Scrum@Scale, or Spotify.

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Proctored online at your own location


Jira Align

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USD $35 (+ tax)

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120 minutes

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Up to 50

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Atlassian's Jira Align Launchpad provides the foundation of knowledge you'll build on.  

Follow the Launchpad training by gaining hands-on experience to ensure you're well-prepared for the Pro Skills exam.

We also recommend you review the product documentation as you prepare.

launchpad training

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Timing Your Badge

Plan your Badge activities carefully with these considerations:

  • This Badge extends the related Certifications shown below. 
  • Earning a Badge will extend any related Certifications by 24 months from the Badge earned date, providing you earn it before the Suspension Date of your Certifications. 
  • You can still earn a Badge during the 90-day Suspension period. If you earn a badge during the Suspension period, your Badge will extend your Certification by 24 months from the Certification Suspension Date.
  • Your Badge will extend only Certifications you already hold. Earning a Badge before earning a Certification will have no effect on the Certification.  

To prepare for your online exam, download our Online Proctored Exam Setup Guide to view the detailed system requirements and setup instructions. If you can't meet the system requirements, you can cancel your online exam appointment and schedule a new exam appointment in a Testing Center. Note: Cancelling or rescheduling an appointment within 48 hours of the original appointment will result in forfeiture of the paid exam fee.


Step 1:  Review the Online Exam Setup Guide

Step 2:  Register for the exam

Step 3:  Prepare your environment for the exam

  • Please disable firewalls or use a computer without a corporate firewall. Firewalls may interfere with installing the secure browser needed to take the test. You should use a computer on which you have the privileges needed to install applications. The secure browser app is a web browser to guarantee securely proctored exam over a virtual connection in a restricted environment. 

Step 4: Take the exam

  • Log into the Certification Portal and click on Schedule and Take an Exam at least 30 minutes prior to your exam time. Launch your exam to start the Photo & ID Verification and Room Scan process. Once everything is reviewed and approved by the proctor, then the exam will be ready for you to click Start.

If you need immediate assistance during the exam, please contact PSI Bridge Tech Support via Chat at http://clientportal.softwaresecure.com/support/ then click Live Support Online from the left navigation bar.

You can also contact them via phone: 
USA: 1-844-267-1017 
Outside the USA: 1-617-564-9052

For general questions, please contact Atlassian Certification Team at our Service Desk.