Build strong teams with Plays

Plays are free workshop resources for addressing common team challenges and starting important conversations.

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How to use plays

1. Do the prepwork
Schedule a meeting and share materials.

2. Run the Play
Facilitate a conversation and gain team insights.

3. Leave with a plan
Document insights and assign action items.

Running Plays regularly can help teams work more effectively.

Most popular Plays

Successful teams use these top Plays often to continually improve teamwork.

Embracing remote teamwork

Build stronger remote teams with Plays that improve your communication, alignment and team empathy—without having to be in the same location.

Aligning on project goals

Staying in sync is easier said than done. Use these Plays to iron out priorities together, get clear on project goals and align on an action plan.

Becoming an agile team

Embrace a work culture of building iteratively and improving continuously. These Plays help you build great agile teams.

Shared Understanding

Effective teams share an understanding of their mission and purpose, as well their strategic plan to achieve success. Run these Plays to make sure your team knows what they should be working on and why.

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