Building belonging

While there is no single definition of what a balanced team looks like, there are patterns that strongly indicate that a team is imbalanced: when a team is missing key representation (like women or people with disabilities) or when a group that is represented makes up less than 30% of the overall team. This can create a sense of isolation and lack of belonging for underrepresented people.

Belonging is a key driver of motivation, retention, and innovation. So getting this right is key to having a high performing team. But belonging doesn’t “just happen”.

Use these plays to help build a culture of belonging on your team. Creating space for everyone to feel a sense of connection with their teammates and like their voice is heard and valued will help any team perform their best.

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Top 3 plays for building a sense of belonging

These plays will help you identify who’s most likely to feel isolated, and provide ways to build greater connection among your team members.

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My User Manual

No matter what team you're on, learning how to work together takes time. We all have different communication and collaboration styles. This play builds our empathy muscles and acknowledges that we each have our own style of working – and that's ok!

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Inclusive Meetings

Women, people of color, remote workers, and introverts often struggle to be heard in meetings. If we don’t counteract the sub-conscious biases we all (yes, all) carry, and create an environment where everyone can contribute, it's easy for these people to feel isolated and out of place. Not to mention that we miss out on their ideas, too.   

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Learning Circles

On-the-job learning doesn't have to be limited to perfecting your craft. Learning circles are a great way to bring "birds of a feather" together from across teams so they can connect and explore whatever topics they're passionate about. 

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Project Team Health Monitor

Use the Health Monitor to self-assess against eight attributes common amongst high-performing teams, then track your progress over time.

Gather your project team or "nuclear team" for an honest discussion about how you're working together.


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