It all starts with a conversation

Stride group chat rooms are the starting and ending place for team projects.

Stride group chat, direct messaging, video meetings
Stride file sharing

File sharing

Stay in context by sharing your work in Stride.

Stride message editor

Message editor

Format and edit the messages you send.

Stride search

Powerful search

Search and find anything in Stride, anytime.

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Share your creations

Use the file uploader to share multiple files at once, or just drag and drop anything into Stride. Or simply grab your work directly from Google Drive and Dropbox.

Stride file uploader
Stride upload files

All your files in Stride are stored securely and organized for easy browsing.

Stride files and links

Add some pizzaz to your chats

Get your message across perfectly. Format messages with bold, italics, underline, bullet points, and more.

Stride message formatting and editing
Stride app

Change any "uh-oh" by editing or deleting your messages.

Stride app

Keep your code intact. Choose your preferred language for markdown support.

Find whatever you need

Don't run in circles trying to find something. Quickly and easily search for people, files, links, or anything else.

Stride search for chats and files
Stride group chat and meetings

Expand your conversations with Meetings

Stride Meetings are effortless, robust, and just one click away.


Group video conferencing

Start a video conference from any room or chat. Invite anyone to join with meeting links or IDs.


Voice calling

For when you're having a bad hair day, start a voice call instead. Even call their phone.


Group screen sharing

Lost for words? Let your work do the talking. Share your screen with up to 20 teammates.

Stride Meetings: group video chat
Stride Meetings: screen sharing and remote desktop control
Stride Actions and Decisions

Move work forward with Actions & Decisions

Isolate & assign tasks with Actions

Mark any room message as a to-do for yourself or your team. Completed actions are posted to the room so everyone knows.

Get to done with Decisions

Isolate and save important decisions from your conversation. All team decisions are saved for you to reference anytime.
Stride Actions and Decisions in chats and rooms
Stride Actions and Decisions in chats and rooms
Stride notifications and focus

Get work done with the freedom to focus


Set notifications by room

Some team chat rooms are more important than others. Amp up the noise on some and turn it down on others.

Stride room notifications

Share your status

Show teammates if you're available or you need to focus by setting your status. Choose "busy" mode to stop all notifications.

Stride status message

Get in the zone

We all need time to concentrate. Use Focus Mode to mute all new activity and notifications. Then see a summary of what you missed.

Stride focus mode
Stride apps and bots

Connect apps & bots

Atlassian Suite

Discover the full power of the Atlassian Suite by connecting Trello, Jira, Bitbucket & more.

Your work apps

Connect your most important work tools like Google Calendar, GitHub, and Google Drive.

Make your own

The world is your oyster. Create your own apps and bots in Stride.

Stride emojis and emoticons

Be human at work

Bring levity to your day

Relieve stress and have some fun with custom emojis and bots like Giphy.

Express yourself just right

Make your point crystal clear by annotating images and formatting messages.

Show what you’re up to

Take that “me” time to get work done with Focus Mode and status messages.

Liberate yourself from your desk

Don't let your work tie you down. Work how and where you want with Stride apps on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Web.

Stride apps on every device

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