What's New In Stash 2.2

Customize Your Workflow with Git Hooks

No two Git workflows are the same. Every development team is different and so are the workflows they are using. It's impossible to come up with one single "best practice" that will work for all development teams out there.

In Stash 2.2 we introduce several capabilities to customize your Git development workflow to any requirements and ensure code quality – repository hooks, an API for hook integrations and merge checks during pull requests.

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Git Hooks

Stash leverages the native Git hooks to create a new hooks API that allows development teams to easily create and manage hooks per-repository. Hooks in Stash have a few key advantages beyond their native Git counterparts:

  • Developers can write hooks using a simple hooks API. Stash handles persistence, packaging and per-repository configuration for your hooks, making it simple to extend Stash to suit your particular project's needs. 
  • Admins no longer have to install hooks on the file-system, or give developers access. They can easily manage hooks running in their repositories and enable/configure the hooks via repository settings, all while keeping the server locked down.

Hook into Your Git Workflow

Development teams can mix-and-match hooks out-of-the-box, with additional hooks from the Atlassian Marketplace, to customise and automate their Git workflow. Utilize several out-of-the-box hooks:

  • Avoid the "oh sh--" moment with the Prevent Force Push hook: at some point when learning Git, you have probably heard "when in doubt, don’t force-push". Prevent force pushes to a repository (which is particularly handy if your team is new to Git), and avoid removing any history from your repository.
  • Keep development teams in the loop with the HipChat hook: when it's close to release time, gatekeepers may vet everything coming into a release branch. Whenever changes get pushed to a repository, teams get instantly notified in a HipChat

Pull Request Settings

Stash sets the code quality bar even higher by enabling you to enforce certain quality requirements and ensure they are met before a pull request can be merged.

  • Tailor your workflow: set checks to control when a pull request can be merged, per-repository.
  • Guarantee code quality: whether you require a minimum number of reviewers approving a request or a green build, pull requests cannot be merged if the required checks have not been met.

The Stash Ecosystem – Add-ons and APIs

Stash has been built from the ground up with extensibility in mind. With Stash 2.2 we are taking that extensibility to the next level and providing the world's most customizable Git repository management solution. Stash provides a vast number of plugin points and a comprehensive REST API that allows developers to create custom functionality and integrations.

We are adding more to Stash's powerful API to improve the experience that native Git hooks provide, hooks API. This will provide a huge lift in the growing Stash ecosystem and give you one more tool in your development tool belt to extend Stash's capabilities.

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