What's New In Stash 1.1

Simple. Fast. Enterprise-grade.

Stash 1.1 makes working with your Git repositories behind the firewall simple, secure and fast.

  • Feel secure with SSH authentication
  • Browse source faster with Recent Repositories
  • Compare images simply with the Image Diff Viewer
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SSH Support

Developed from the ground up with enterprise level security as a #1 priority, Stash now supports SSH in addition to HTTPS. You can either use standard HTTPS authentication, or set up your public keys and connect to Stash using SSH. This resolves Stash's #1 feature request, focused on adding support for SSH security.


New Autofomatting in Confluence 4.0

Simple-r Permissions

Stash keeps you and your developers productive by providing a way to structure your repositories and manage permissions with a simple, yet powerful, user interface.

  • Global permissions – delegate administration of projects to key users and groups, to give your developers the freedom to create and manage repositories
  • Projects permissions – use simple permissions at the project level to control access to repositories for users and groups

The new permission screens provide a great overview of who has access to your projects, and managing permissions is even faster.  

Interactive Image Diffs

Our development teams consist of back-end coders, front-end coders, QA, performance testing, product management and even designers. They are all part of the development process.

The designers on our team were looking for a way to utilize Stash to compare images. They posed questions like “Have you ever tried to find the subtle difference between two images? That difference may be small like a text change or as large as a page redesign.” In many cases it is not obvious. So, from our designers to yours, we introduce the interactive image diff viewer (careful, it’s hypnotic!). 

Fast-er Browsing

Many of you work with a few repositories even though there may be hundreds set up across your company. The new Repositories item in the Stash header is for those developers who work with several repositories and want a quick way to get back to one of those repositories.



Mouse-less Productivity

Stash helps you to work even more efficiently without a mouse. Whether viewing changesets, browsing directories or jumping through your commit list, simply press 'J' or 'K' to move to the next or previous.

Navigate your repositories faster with keyboard shortcuts!


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