What's New In Stash 3.1

Put more into your code reviews

One of the true benefits of code reviews are getting teams engaged in robust discussions on their code. From identifying bugs to helping with code structure, pull requests are an awesome way for teams to collaborate and share knowledge. In Stash 3.1, we're giving you two more ways to improve your code review experience.

diff search, comment attachments
diff search

Search a diff, any diff

Commits and pull requests often encompass multiple files, making it impossible to search seamlessly across all the code in a diff. With the new search feature, you'll be able to locate that variable or text string quickly and easily in any diff tab. Simply enter the phrase you are looking for and Stash will identify all occurences within a diff.


comment attachments, files, images

Attach files & images to comments

When commenting in a code review, sometimes words just aren't enough. Now, we're giving you the options to add image, gifs and files to your comments so nothing gets left out. All comments in Stash (inline code, file, and pull request comments) will support attachments, so you can make them part of your reviews.

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attachments for comments
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