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Seamlessly integrate Stash with HipChat

Seamlessly bring your development workflow to the front and center of your collaboration universe. Set up automated notifications in HipChat rooms to get updates about pull requests or commits, all in real-time. Fine-grained options ensure your teams get the visibility they need, when they need it on a project or repository level.

hipchat integration
Stash branch permissions

Enhanced permissions for branch workflow protection

Stash's fine-grained branch permissions just got a whole lot better. Control the actions users can perform on a branch or branch pattern to prevent branch deletion, changes without a pull request or history rewrites and enforce your team's development workflow or process with ease.

Stash AWS support

Deployment flexibility with Amazon Web Services

Support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides further deployment flexibility, utilizing the benefits of AWS while maintaining control over configuration and setup of Stash. Additional flexibility allows for the configuration of AWS servers as you wish or the use of pre-built Amazon Machine Images (AMIs).

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HipChat integration
Enhanced branch permissions
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