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One-time payment. Yours to host on your own hardware.

Starter License

A full-featured license, perfect for small teams.

10 users for
All Starter proceeds are donated to Room to Read, a charity that helps improve education in the developing world. Learn More »
  • 1–10 users

    $10 50
  • 11–25 users

    $1,800 100
  • 26–50 users

    $3,300 200
  • 51–100 users

    $6,000 300
  • 101–500 users

    $12,000 500

Atlassian Enterprise for Stash

Atlassian Enterprise licenses include additional support and services to ensure success for your Stash deployment.

Atlassian Enterprise includes:
  • 24x7 online and phone support
  • Exclusive membership to the Atlassian Enterprise Community
  • Participation in Enterprise Workshop best-practice webinars

Learn more about the Atlassian Enterprise offering »

  • 1–500 users

  • 501–1000 users

  • 1001–2000 users

  • 2001–5000 users

  • 5000+ users

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Pricing and Product Details – Full Stash FAQs »

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    If you want to discontinue use of any Atlassian product, Atlassian offers a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

  • First Year of Maintenance Is On Us

    Download licenses entitle you to perpetual use. The first 12 months of maintenance – product updates and support – are included free.

  • Free for Open Source, Non-Profits and Classrooms

    Free licenses are available for qualified open source projects, non-profits and classrooms.

  • Discounts for Academic Institutions

    Qualified academic institutions receive a 50% discount on download licenses.

  • How Do You Define a User?

    A Stash user is any user that can log in to Stash.

  • Source Code Included

    The full source code is available for commercial and academic licenses to help with any desired product customizations.

  • Will Stash be Available for Atlassian OnDemand?

    Atlassian Stash will not be available in OnDemand. If you are looking for a distributed version control solution to use with Atlassian OnDemand, we recommend using Bitbucket, our cloud based Git and Mercurial source code hosting solution. Bitbucket connects to Atlassian OnDemand via the JIRA DVCS connector.

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