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On-premise source code management for Git that's secure, fast, and enterprise grade. Create and manage repositories, integrate with JIRA for end to end traceability, set up fine-grained permissions, collaborate on code and instantly scale with high performance.

Code collaboration and code reviews

Code reviews make for better code quality. Stash offers lightweight code reviews via pull requests, making this best practice easy for developers to incorporate. Keep your team talking early and more often, and make collaboration a part of your workflow.

Git development workflows

"There are an endless number of Git workflows, and Stash works with them all, including your customized workflows. Centralized, feature branching, or forking, Stash handles your software development workflow seamlessly. 

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Why Stash?

  • Git at Scale
  • Code review
  • JIRA Integration
  • Branches and Forks
  • Administration

Git at Scale

Stash supports your growing Git repositories within the safety of your firewall. With the Data Center deployment option, Stash grows with you as your team or work load grow bigger. It is designed to cluster multiple active servers and increase capacity for concurrent users without sacrificing performance.

Instantly scale by adding new nodes for extra builds without downtime and maintain confidence in performance as usage grows.


Code collaboration and code reviews

Code reviews make for better code quality. Stash offers lightweight code reviews via pull requests, making this best practice easy for developers to incorporate.

In-line comments on diffs get your team talking early and often, with no time wasted identifying code changes. And when you connect Stash to JIRA or Bamboo, pull requests become an instant dashboard with the status of related issues and build results baked right in. 

JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Traceability across issues and source

Associating issues with code changes is a key component for troubleshooting, reporting, and compliance. Connect Stash to JIRA for complete traceability of your team's development cycle.

Whether tracking bug, refactoring old code or just getting up to speed, teams can quickly reference branches, commits and pull requests from the JIRA development panel.

JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Branching and forking workflows

Git allows teams to choose how they want to collaborate on projects. Common practices have emerged using branch-based and fork-based workflows, and Stash works for both. 

Forks are great for contractors, large teams, or pure experimentation, and we even keep your forks up to date with the fork synchronization. If branches are more your style, move seamlessly from branch creation to merge with the help of the branching model. 

JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Enterprise-grade security and administration

Whether you're a small business or a Fortune 500 company, Stash's user management and permissions are flexible enough to cater to your environment. Add users and groups, and delegate fine-grained permissions right from the UI. 

Manage users and groups with Stash's internal directory, a JIRA crowd server, or your internal LDAP. And keep team collaboration productive with four levels of permissions – global, project, repository, and branch. 


  • Workflow
  • Branch Creation
  • JIRA issues
  • Git + CI
  • Git client

Upgrade your development workflow

Stop fretting over the small stuff, and spend time being a developer. Now, the once-tedious aspects of coding are a thing of the past.

Atlassian tools integrate better than ever, with best practices baked right in to guide you through the development flow. They work together to get you from issue creation to coding to merging effortlessly. 

JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Create a branch from JIRA

Turn a JIRA issue into high-quality code in just seconds. One-click branching from issues guides your team quickly and easily through the software development workflow.

Stash suggests branch names and origins based on details from the JIRA issue. No more time wasted trying to map an issue key, title, and type to the new branch’s settings. Have a new branch that fits perfectly with your team’s coding standards ready to go in seconds. 

JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Resolve JIRA issues in seconds

Stash gives you the full context of a code change by making JIRA issues accessible from inside pull requests when you include the JIRA issue keys in your commit messages. View the title, description, and status of any related issues without ever leaving Stash.

JIRA also gives you the power to automatically move issues from one status to the next based on activity in your Stash repo. Branch created? Move the issue to "In Progress". Pull request merged? Move it to "Done". Mix and match our collection of repository triggers and issue statuses for a new level of workflow automation. 

JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

No more build concerns

Never worry about applying continuous integration to your branch again. Stash integrates with Bamboo to automatically apply CI to new branches based on what’s running against master. Builds on any branch can be triggered by incoming pushes, with no webhooks or special repo configuration required. 

Once your builds are in place, stay updated on their status on the branch listing screen, or inside a pull request. Stash + Bamboo puts build information right at your fingertips.

JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Free Git client for Mac or Windows

Simplify Git for your team. Connect Stash with SourceTree – a free Git client for Mac or Windows – to learn and use Git from a simple user interface.

From Stash, clone a branch via SourceTree, with the branch already checked out and ready for edits. Commit, clone, push, pull, merge, and more are all just a click away. 

Pull requests

  • Code Review
  • Approvals
  • Permissions
  • Conditions
  • Merging
JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Lightweight code review

Bump up your code quality with regular code reviews. Stash offers lightweight code review via pull requests, which encourage peer review and gets teams talking about their code.

Commenting on code in line (and in context) prompts contributors to review their work and make changes. If changes are made while a pull request is still open, Stash will recognize that and alert reviewers. More collaboration means better code quality!

JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Approval process

Pull requests are visible to all team members, but the approvals can be limited to a globally set number of reviewers.

Multiple team members can be selected to review a pull request, delegating the approval to key stakeholders. Stash notifies all reviewers by email, so everyone stays in the loop.

JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Per-branch permissions

Branch permissions let you select a "gatekeeper" who is responsible for ensuring that the code going into production has been tested and reviewed. Stash notifies the gatekeepers of new changes, and they decide whether the code is ready to be merged. 

Branch permissions also provide additional control over who can accept the pull request and perform the merge.

JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Pull requests conditions

Stash allows you to enforce certain quality requirements and ensure they are met before a pull request can be merged.

Set per-repository checks to control when a pull request can be merged. Whether you require a minimum number of reviewers approving a request or a green build, pull requests cannot be merged if the required conditions have not been met. 

JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Automatic merges

Bugs can sometimes appear in multiple releases before being detected. With automatic merging, Stash uses the branching model to identify any changes made to an older release and merged to newer release branches.

Concerned about conflicts? The automatic merge process will create a pull request and notify you of the conflict. Keep your code up to date with automatic cascading merges.


  • Your servers
  • Security
  • Administration
  • Migration
JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Flexibility, at scale

Built with infrastructure flexibility in mind, Stash provides administrators full control over how it fits into their environment including database, operating system, and authentication. 

As your organization grows, Stash grows with you providing active-active clustering, high performance and instant scalability via our Data Center deployment option.

JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Permissions that work for you

Stash's permissions levels make sure that the right people always have access to the right code. The simple yet powerful user interface makes it easy to manage permissions.

Set high-level global permissions, then fine tune them at the project, repository, or even branch levels with read/write/admin restrictions.

JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Centralized user management

Stash's flexible user management caters to your company's use case, regardless of size.

Stash comes with its own internal directory already built in, but it's also capable of connecting to external directories including JIRA's user management, Atlassian Crowd, or your corporate LDAP server.

JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Migrating to Git?

Making the switch to a new version control can be a huge barrier for teams, especially teams organized around centralized version control systems like Subversion or Perforce.

The Atlassian Git Guide is an introduction to Git using visual guides for workflows and Git commands, along with examples. Keep your current workflow style while enjoying the lightweight and feature-rich benefits that Git has to offer.


  • Atlassian Marketplace
  • Featured add-ons
  • Build your own
  • Git hooks
JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Atlassian Marketplace

Enjoy the world's most customizable Git repository management solution. Stash is built to be pluggable! Every screen and every action within Stash has a REST endpoint. Take advantage of the Stash add-ons available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

As with all Atlassian products, the full source code is available for those looking to extend Stash.

  • Bagdr

    Code, commit and achieve! Collect badges for committing and pushing code! 

    Learn more»
  • Awesome Graphs

    Visualize information about your repositories, commits and contributors.

    Learn more»
  • SVN Importer

    One click import from Subversion to Stash fast and simple.

    Learn more»
  • Stash Inbox Hook

    Notify developers of outstanding pull requests when they push code to Stash.

    Learn more»
  • workzone

    Steamline your workflow and manage how users commit, push and merge changes.

    Learn more»
  • SVN Mirror for Atlassian Stash

    Create a writeable Git mirror of your existing Subversion project.

    Learn more»

Featured add-ons

There are plenty of add-ons for Stash in the Atlassian Marketplace! From automating your workflows to helping you with your SVN migration, we have an add-on for you.

Here are some of the popular add-ons that other Stash teams have adopted to maximize their own Stash experience.

JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Build your own add-on

Stash provides a vast number of plugin points and a REST API that allows developers to create custom functionality and integrations. The Atlassian Developer Network gives you access to our SDK and remote APIs so you can build your own add-ons.

Commercial and Academic license holders get full access to the Stash source code. Have questions about building a Stash add-on? Get help on Atlassian Answers!

JIRA development panel, integration, traceability

Git hooks

Stash builds on Git's native hooks to create a hooks API that allows development teams to easily create and manage hooks for each repository.

Unlike the native Git hooks, hooks in Stash allow developers to write hooks using a simple hooks API and admins can easily manage hooks running in their repositories via repository settings, all while keeping the server locked down.


NASA migrates to Git for air traffic control tools

Join us for an inside look at how the NASA Ames Research Center maintains a continuously iterative and experimental environment for their NextGen project, while keeping our airspace safe with the help of Stash and the power of Git.

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