What's New In JIRA 6.4

JIRA + HipChat

Real-time communication for agile teams 

Great teams rely on real-time communication to deliver world-class work. Together, JIRA and HipChat make real-time communication and collaboration more powerful than ever.

JIRA and HipChat are now more tightly integrated so that teams can communicate in real-time and receive accurate, up-to-date information on key projects. Teams can now instantly generate project-specific chat rooms and choose which JIRA notifications are broadcast into each room, meaning the information teams want, delivered when and where they need it.

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Pre-built system filters

Create signal, not noise

With the new JIRA HipChat integration, team members are in control of what information they want to receive using advanced filtering options. Need to only be notified of high priority issues? By selecting 'high priority issues', only items requiring immediate attention will be broadcast to your team in HipChat. The end result is relevent information in JIRA being delivered to the right HipChat room in real-time.

Stay in sync from anywhere

With HipChat, it's easy to stay connected no matter where you are. Team members can access HipChat from anywhere, including web, desktop, and mobile clients. Using JIRA and HipChat together, remote workers and team members on the go can easily engage with their team and stay up-to-date on team progress, regardless of geographic location.

Get started right away

Using JIRA and HipChat together makes it easier to diagnose, plan, and deliver by keeping everyone on the same page. Begin today by linking a JIRA project with a HipChat room in a single click. You can even give your global JIRA admin a break and customize notifications for projects on your own. So what are you waiting for?

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