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Jira Service Management

On November 9, 2020, we announced Jira Service Management, the next generation of Jira Service Desk. Jira Service Management is an ITSM solution built on Jira to help IT, operations, development, and business teams collaborate at high velocity. It empowers teams to respond to business changes rapidly and deliver great customer and employee service experiences.

For a more in-depth look at Jira Service Management, watch the Lightning Talk webinar series below or join our weekly demo with live Q&A.

Join our ITSM lightning talks

Our 20-minute lightning talks cover deep dives into incident management & change management, Q&A with ITSM experts, ITSM best practices, and even a look into our future roadmap.


Episode 1 - Introducing Jira Service Management

Join this 20-minute webinar to learn all about Jira Service Management, the new ITSM capabilities, and get all of your questions answered by our in-house experts!


Episode 2 - Jira Service Management: Deep Dive into Incident Management

Join this webinar to learn how to get started with the new Opsgenie capabilities in Jira Service Management.


Episode 3 - Jira Service Management: Deep Dive into Change Management

Join this webinar to learn how to get started with the new change management capabilities in Jira Service Management.


Episode 4 - How high-velocity teams get value from Jira Service Management Premium

Accelerate IT transformation by finally breaking free of legacy ITSM solutions. Adopt Jira Service Management Premium to scale future-proof practices, such as modern incident and change management.


Episode 5 - Exclusive: Live ITSM Expert Panel

Ever wanted to sit down with an Atlassian ITSM expert? Well now is your chance! Join us for this exclusive webinar where you can ask your burning IT Service Management questions to our expert IT panel.


Episode 6 - Exclusive: What’s ahead for Jira Service Management in 2021

Roadmaps, resolutions, and plans for a new year: join us for a webinar to recap the recent updates to Jira Service Management and get a sneak peak into our roadmap for 2021.


Episode 7 - Common Use Cases & Top Tips

We reveal the most common ways Jira Service Management is used by our customers from our in-house ITSM expert, Ken Connally.


Episode 8 - Mindville Insight for Jira Service Management Data Center

Join this webinar to learn how to get started with Mindville Insight for Jira Service Management Data Center.


Episode 9 - Unlock the value of Opsgenie in Jira Service Management

Learn about the alerting, on-call, and incident orchestration capabilities in Jira Service Management, powered by Opsgenie.


Episode 10 - Deep dive into Asset & Configuration Management with Mindville Insight

Walk through Mindville Insight, Atlassian’s asset and configuration management solution, now part of Jira Service Management Cloud Premium & Enterprise plans!


Episode 11 - Empowering your business teams with self-service Bonus

Learn how you can extend Jira Service Management across your business teams and enable them to deliver exceptional self-service experiences.

Watch the announcement

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For teams maturing to standardized service desk and ITSM practices


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What is Jira Service Management? Show

We’re excited to announce Jira Service Management, the next generation of Jira Service Desk.

In addition to including rich capabilities from Jira Service Desk, such as a request portal, service catalog, queues, and SLAs, here’s what’s new in Jira Service Management:

  • Modern incident management, powered by Opsgenie: Get on-call scheduling, alerting, incident swarming, and more from our popular Opsgenie product in all cloud plans of Jira Service Management. Plus deeper integrations with Jira Software, Bitbucket, and Confluence let you seamlessly orchestrate the end-to-end incident resolution process.
  • Change management, built for the DevOps era: Make smarter decisions around changes to services with richer contextual information–from both your software development as well as infrastructure-related tools. Innovate faster with automated change risk assessments, advanced approval workflows, and deep integrations with popular CI/CD tools like Bitbucket Pipelines, Jenkins, and CircleCI.
  • Intuitive service experiences: The new agent experience makes it easier to categorize service requests, incidents, problems, and changes. Take action quickly with new features such as bulk ticket actions and machine learning capabilities that intelligently group similar tickets.
  • And coming soon, Jira Service Management will include asset and configuration management powered by our Mindville Insight product and best-in-class conversational ticketing capabilities, through an integration with Halp.

To see what’s new for yourself, sign up for our weekly demo.

What's happening with Jira Service Desk? Show

Jira Service Desk is now Jira Service Management. You’ll have all of the same functionality as today plus richer ITSM capabilities. See our feature grid and pricing or attend our 20-minute lightning talks to learn about what’s new in Jira Service Management.

What’s happening with Opsgenie? Show

Opsgenie functionality is now available as part of Jira Service Management Cloud. However, you can continue to purchase and use Opsgenie as a separate product. See below for how this impacts Server & Data Center customers.

Will my price increase? Show

The list price of Jira Service Management will remain the same as Jira Service Desk.

However, a small number of customers on our Standard and Premium plan will be impacted by a slight price increase at the higher tiers. You will be contacted with more details if you are affected.

For more information on pricing, please visit our pricing page or visit your Atlassian billing page.

Are these new features also available on Server and Data Center? Show

Jira Service Desk Server and Data Center have also become Jira Service Management. The new incident management features and integration with Opsgenie are available in Server and Data Center but only with a separate purchase of Opsgenie (vs in cloud where Opsgenie is included with Jira Service Management).

The new change management and asset & configuration management features are coming soon to Data Center.

I’m not familiar with Opsgenie. Can you explain what it does and how it works with Jira Service Management? Show

Opsgenie is a modern on-call, alerting, and incident response solution that allows you to respond to incidents before they impact your business. Visit this page or watch this video for more information.

Opsgenie functionality is now included with Jira Service Management Cloud.

Is Opsgenie going away now that it’s included as part of Jira Service Management? Show

No, Opsgenie will continue to be sold as a standalone product for on-call, alerting, and major incident response.

Plans, Licensing & Billing

What cloud plans does Jira Service Management offer? Show

Jira Service Management Cloud offers Free, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans. For more information about what features are included in each plan and to see how they compare to our Server and Data Center deployment options, visit our pricing page.

How do I upgrade from Jira Service Management Cloud Standard to Jira Service Management Cloud Premium? Show

Jira Service Management Cloud can be upgraded from Standard to Premium at any time via the Manage Subscriptions page of your Atlassian Cloud site or by contacting a sales representative.

Is Jira Service Management a bundle? Show

No, Jira Service Management is not a bundle. There will only be one line item on your bill and in terms of user access, there will be only one product license a user can choose.

Will all of my current users in Jira Service Desk be given access to Jira Service Management and Opsgenie? Show

Yes. All licensed Jira Service Management users will have access to both Jira Service Management and the Opsgenie interface. It may take up to several weeks (after our announcement on November 9, 2020) to gain access to Opsgenie and see all of the new functionality in your instance.

Will help-seekers remain free? Show

Yes, help-seekers will still be free users and can use an Atlassian account or customer account.

Feature Questions

I’m a current Jira Service Desk customer. How do I get access to these new features? Show

Within several weeks after launch on November 9, 2020, your cloud instance will automatically be given access to Opsgenie (for no additional cost) and you will have access to all of its functionality plus all of the new features within Jira Service Management. For Server & Data Center customers, you will need to upgrade to the latest release. Visit this page for more details.

What new Incident Management features will be part of Jira Service Management? Show
  • The ability to escalate an incident to a major incident in Opsgenie (which can then send alerts and notify the correct team(s) to quickly swarm and resolve the incident)
  • The ability to create a major incident in Opsgenie from an existing incident in Jira Service Management
  • The ability to link an incident in Jira Service Management to an existing incident in Opsgenie
  • Plus all additional functionality included as part of Opsgenie (on-call schedules, monitoring tool integrations, multi-channel notifications, etc.)
What new Change Management features will be part of Jira Service Management? Show
  • The ability to set group approvals for a change request in Service Registry services
  • Integration with Bitbucket to control deployments via Change Management approvals
  • Automated change intake from deployment tools
    • Bitbucket Pipelines
    • Circle CI
    • Jenkins
  • New affected services condition that leverages Automation for Jira to be the risk assessment and change policy engine for change management. There will also be sample rules provided out-of-the-box to streamline set up.
  • Integration with Jira Software and Bitbucket to allows for automatic Change record creation
Are these new features available in team-managed projects? Show

At this time, all of the new features are only available in company-managed projects. We built the ITSM functionality on company-managed projects first due to the majority of IT customers wanting more advanced configuration functionality, which company-managed currently offers.

I recently saw that Atlassian acquired Mindville for asset/configuration management. Will this be included in Jira Service Management? Show

Our recent acquisition of Insight by Mindville enables us to provide deeper asset/configuration management functionality. This functionality will be integrated into Jira Service Management Cloud and Data Center in the future. Stay tuned to learn more.

Server & Data Center

What are the feature differences between Jira Service Management Cloud and Server/Data Center? Show

Jira Service Management Cloud offers varying features and capabilities depending on the plan you have (Free, Standard, or Premium).

The key difference between cloud and server/Data Center is that cloud offers Opsgenie & it’s capabilities out of the box, whereas Server/Data Center versions will include Opsgenie only if it is purchased separately.

For Data Center, the new capabilities for change management and asset/configuration management are coming soon.

Visit our pricing page for more details.

For Opsgenie Customers

Are all Opsgenie features included in Jira Service Management now? Show

At a high level, Jira Service Management does NOT include these Opsgenie features:

  • Incoming call routing
  • Live chat support
  • Free Stakeholder roles

However, Jira Service Management does offer these extra features:

  • Major incident management in the Free plan
  • Services in the Free plan
  • Unlimited SMS alerts in the Standard plan