Portfolio for Jira keeps
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Get visibility across projects and teams

Don’t get lost in the details -- sometimes, you just want an overview. Group your issues and aggregate your data into a structured hierarchy, so your team can see the big picture of what’s happening.

In Portfolio for Jira, you can create infinite levels of custom hierarchy and visualize your roadmaps

See total progress and estimates rolled-up into each hierarchy level

Surface the hierarchy on the Jira ticket for the rest of your team members to see

See how your work efforts align with business goals

Create themes for Portfolio for Jira for each of your business goals

Set target percentages of work effort you want allocated towards specific themes

Assign themes to issues

Report on how you’re progressing towards your priorities


Set a clear target for how much effort you want to allocate for each of your focus areas.


See if your detailed plan matches with high level priorities.


Track the actual work completed and ensure that your team is working on the right priorities.

Share it with stakeholders or embed somewhere like a Confluence page

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