Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Pricing

Portfolio for Jira Cloud has been rebranded to Advanced Roadmaps and is now avaiable in Jira Software Premium

Cloud Pricing FAQ

What is Advanced Roadmaps? Copy link to heading Copied! show +

Advanced Roadmaps is a Jira Software Cloud Premium feature (for which we’ve taken Portfolio for Jira and rebuilt it from the ground up). Advanced Roadmaps is designed to help multiple teams collaborate together, track the big picture, identify dependencies, and plan for team capacity across large pieces of work.

What happened to Portfolio for Jira Cloud? Copy link to heading Copied! show +

We’ve rebuilt Portfolio for Jira Cloud from the ground up and have rebranded it to Advanced Roadmaps. It is now available as part of Jira Software Cloud Premium. It is no longer available as a standalone app.

Can I still trial Portfolio for Jira Cloud today? Copy link to heading Copied! show +

Portfolio for Jira Cloud is now known as Advanced Roadmaps. You can trial it today as part of Jira Software Cloud Premium.

In addition to Advanced Roadmaps what else is included in Jira Software Premium? Copy link to heading Copied! show +

In addition to Advanced Roadmaps, Jira Software Premium includes global and multi-project automation, special reports for administrators, a 99.9% uptime SLA, 24/7 support, and unlimited Storage. There’s many additional features coming soon, which we’ve published on our Jira Software Cloud Premium public roadmap.

Where can I start a Jira Software Premium trial? Copy link to heading Copied! show +

If you’re an existing Jira Software Cloud customer, you can start a free 1-month Jira Software Cloud Premium trial by switching your plan to Premium in your ‘manage subscriptions’ settings (Settings -> Billing -> Manage Subscriptions). If you’re just getting started with Jira, you can start a Jira Software Cloud Premium trial here.

Where can I find more information about Jira Software Premium? Copy link to heading Copied! show +

Learn more about Jira Software Premium here. We also publish our roadmap for Jira Software Premium, which you can find here.

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Self-Hosted Pricing FAQ

Can I try Advanced Roadmaps for Jira for free?

Of course! Your first 30 days are on us. Simply download Advanced Roadmaps for Jira by logging into your existing Jira Software or Jira Core instance as an Admin, selecting "Add-ons" from the Admin drop-down, locating Advanced Roadmaps for Jira, and clicking "Try it free."

If you love it (and we think you will), you can continue using Advanced Roadmaps for Jira by simply updating your existing instance with a purchased license key. Portfolio for Jira licenses can be purchased online.

Please note, in order to evaluate Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Server you must have an active Jira Software Server or Jira Core Server installation. The same applies for the Data Center approved version of Advanced Roadmaps for Jira—you must have an active Jira Software Data Center or Jira Core Data Center installation to use this product.

What is an Advanced Roadmaps for Jira user?

Advanced Roadmaps for Jira is an application that integrates with Jira Software and Jira Core. An Advanced Roadmaps for Jira user is any user that has full access to all of the features and functionality included in either Jira Software or Jira Core. 

The Portfolio for Jira license type and user count must match that of the Jira host product with this highest user tier it is being used with. For instance, a 50 User Commercial Jira Software license will require a 50 User Commercial Advanced Roadmaps for Jira license. 

If you're using multiple Jira applications in the same instance (i.e. Jira Software and Jira Core), your Portfolio for Jira user tier must match the user tier of the host product with the highest user tier. For example, a 25 User Commercial Jira Software license and a 50 User Commercial Jira Core license will require a 50 User Advanced Roadmaps for Jira license.

What is included with my license purchase?

We believe the Advanced Roadmaps for Jira licensing scheme is simple, upfront and equitable.

Our Server licenses entitle you to perpetual use, and include 12 months maintenance (updates/support) starting from the date of purchase. Renewing maintenance is entirely optional.

Our Data Center approved version is offered as an annual subscription-based license with updates and support included.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. For customers on an annual subscription plan, we also accept bank transfers or checks.

Do you offer discounts for academic institutions?

Qualified academic institutions receive a 50% discount on server licenses with more than 10 users.

For more details about qualifying for special licenses, see Community Licensing.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my Advanced Roadmaps for Jira purchase?

If you're not satisfied with any Atlassian product or service, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. As proceeds from the 10 user Server licenses are donated to charity, the purchase of these licenses can not be refunded.

What's the difference between Cloud and Self-hosted options?

With Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Cloud, we host and enable the use of the Portfolio for Jira Cloud application within your existing Jira Software Cloud instance. Our cloud deployment model is generally the best option for teams who want to get started quickly and easily, and for teams who don't want to manage the technical complexity of hosting themselves.

With Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Server and the Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Data Center approved app, you host Jira Software and the Advanced Roadmaps for Jira application on your own hardware and you're able to customize your setup however you'd like. This is generally the best option for teams who want to manage all the details of the setup and don't mind the additional complexity of hosting themselves.

Still have more questions?

Check out our complete Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Pricing and Licensing Page.