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JIRA Capture Trial FAQs

Can I switch from a Download trial to an OnDemand license?

Yes. Just sign up for the OnDemand trial and let your Download trial expire. If you need to migrate data, contact us and we'll help. 

Will I be able to try add-ons and plugins?

Trials are fully functional, so you can try any of the add-ons or plugins available. In Administration, navigate to 'plugins' and search for the add-on or plugin name to install.

I'm already using JIRA OnDemand. How do I add JIRA Capture and other products to my subscription?

To add products to your existing subscription, visit the OnDemand configuration page and choose the products you'd like to add. You'll automatically get a free one-month trial of any new products before their cost is added to your subscription.

What happens when I've completed my 30-day trial?

You can purchase and simply continue using JIRA Capture. For download trials, just replace your trial key with a permanent license key. For OnDemand, enter your credit card details for monthly charges, or switch to annual hosting for a discount! 

Looking for the source?

Downloads of the open source packages included in JIRA Capture are available here. This download includes our modifications to the open source packages (if we made any).

Source code to the remainder of JIRA Capture (e.g. the Atlassian-proprietary portions) may also be available to those who hold a valid license to JIRA Capture. Login to My Account to view your licenses and download the source code. For more details, check out the source code FAQ.

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