Jira Align Trust

Jira Align helps you deliver the value your customers demand by keeping your digital evolution on track. Customer trust is at the center of what we do and why security is our top priority.

Data & physical security

Jira Align provides data encryption at rest using AES 256. The data centers we leverage are fully SOC 2 certified for physical security and infrastructure fault tolerance.

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Availability and redundancy

We operate multiple geographically diverse data centers. Jira Align, along with several of our other cloud products, is hosted with the industry-leading cloud hosting provider Amazon Web Services (AWS), resulting in optimal performance with redundancy and failover options globally.

Internal & external network traffic

All traffic is sent via encrypted communication, and is firewall port blocked between devices. Users must access the platform via TLS 1.2 and an authenticated user account; we integrate with third-party tools via mutual TLS certificate-managed communication, and all email traffic is TLS encrypted. Jira Align maintains a Qualys SSL Labs rating of A+.


In early 2019 we welcomed AgileCraft into the Atlassian family, rebranded as Jira Align. We have been working diligently to bring Jira Align into the Atlassian Trust way of working. To stay up to date on our progress, please follow our Trust Roadmap.

Trust in Jira Align

Security is built into the fabric of our Cloud products. Read more about Atlassian’s approach to Trust.

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Standards-Based Approach to Security

At Atlassian we have placed trust and data security at the core of our business model. Our products integrate security considerations as well as regulatory and legal requirements by design to empower technical teams with a rigorous level of security assurance.

To maintain and constantly improve our security maturity, we make full use of centralized security functions. Our dedicated cybersecurity professionals work across the globe and around the clock to continuously deploy improvements to our security practices. This constant effort ensures that vulnerabilities and risks have been identified and addressed appropriately, no matter the size, industry or location of our customers. All customers benefit from this ongoing investment.

Shared responsibility

At a high level, Atlassian manages security of the applications themselves, the systems they run on, and the environments those systems are hosted in. You – our customers – manage the information within your accounts, manage the users accessing your accounts and related credentials, and control which apps you install and trust. You must ensure your business is meeting its compliance obligations in using our systems.


Your trust in Atlassian is extremely important. Here are some additional resources to consider when making your decision to go with us.

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