Still planning with spreadsheets?

Forecast a realistic roadmap with Portfolio for Jira and Jira Software 

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Portfolio for Jira (for the win)

A Jira Software add-on that does away with the heavy lifting of planning

Visualize your team’s release schedule with data from Jira Software

First, set release dates and assign work items to them. Next, calculate your forecasted roadmap and adjust as needed. Like what you are seeing? Commit those changes. Not happy? Keep planning and try different scenarios. 



Create a custom hierarchy in Jira Software to match your team's needs

Group work items into a customized hierarchy. Then, surface the hierarchy on Jira Software tickets for total traceability – look at work items at the program-level down to sub-tasks, and see total estimates rolled-up into each hierarchy level.

See how your work items in Jira Software align with business goals

Connect business goals to your data in Jira Software. Create themes in Portfolio for Jira for each of your business goals and assign themes to issues. Report on the progress of each goal to understand the reality of how work in progress compares to your business strategy. 



Whether you use releases or have quarterly milestones, learn why scope is important to any roadmap.


From the cost of resources to team member availability, know how velocity informs a roadmap.


See how estimates, prioritization, and dependencies determine the scope of any project and roadmap. 

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