Stay in your IDE, stay in the flow

The Atlassian IDE Connector manages issues, builds, code reviews and source code using Atlassian tools right in your favorite IDE. Work faster and avoid context-switching for your most common tasks like updating issues and viewing build status.

IDE Connector feature tour

Eclipse connector

The connector for Eclipse is based on the popular task-focused Mylyn interface for Eclipse. Developers with any Eclipse-based IDE can use it to:

  • Receive notifications of changes to JIRA issues and Bamboo builds in the IDE
  • Create, update, comment, and manage JIRA issues
  • Launch Bamboo builds and create JIRA issues to address failed Bamboo builds


Manage JIRA issues, Bamboo builds, and Crucible code reviews.

  • Create JIRA issues to address failed Bamboo builds.
  • Create pre-commit code reviews right in the source code editor (IntelliJ IDEA only).
  • Launch Bamboo builds and receive notifications in the IDE.
  • Create, manage, and update JIRA issues.

Visual Studio Connector

Interact with JIRA issues and Bamboo builds in Visual Studio 2008, 2010, and 2012. The Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio puts the most common issue and build-related activities into your IDE, including:

  • Creating JIRA issues
  • Adding and view JIRA comments
  • Perform workflow actions
  • View latest build results


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