April 12th, 2012

Engage Everyone. Realize Results.

Confluence 4.2 takes content creation and discovery to new heights, helping users make sense of information overload.

  • Create compelling content with visual Page Layouts
  • Encourage collaboration with Quick Comments and Likes
  • Discover Popular Content and stay in the know

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Structure Pages with Layouts

Creating and editing content online has never been this easy. Anyone can create content that pops with visual Page Layouts.

Easy to apply and quick to change, give your content a makeover with Page Layouts today.

Ignite Collaboration with Likes

Contributing ideas, starting conversations, and providing feedback just got a whole lot faster. Instant and familiar, Quick Comments and Likes engage everyone and encourage collaboration.

Comments and Likes power the new Popular stream and recommended content email, letting you influence what's trending in Confluence.

There's never been a better reason to visit the Confluence Dashboard. Skim the live Popular content stream and discover the pages, blogs, and comments that are being liked, commented on and viewed the most.

Stay-in-touch with what's trending right now and never miss another important conversation again.

New Weekly Recommended Content Email Summary in Confluence 4.2

Stay In Touch, From Your Inbox

We know you're busy, so to make sure you're not left in the dark, Confluence will send you a weekly summary of content that's been viewed, commented on, and liked the most. Quickly see what's most popular within your Network and identify content that's most relevant to you.

Hungry for more? Switch to a daily summary and satisfy your inner gossip girl.

Take ‘er for a spin!

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