Java and Groovy code coverage

Clover provides the metrics you need to better balance the effort between writing code that does stuff, and code that tests stuff.

Clover runs in your IDE or your continuous integration system, and includes test optimization to make your tests run faster, and fail more quickly.

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Pricing overview

1 machine

Desktop $300

1 machine

Server $1,200

10 machines

Desktop or Server $2,200

25 machines

Desktop or Server $4,000

100 machines

Desktop or Server $8,000

100+ machines

Desktop or Server $16,000
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Clover dashboard

The Clover dashboard provides an at-a-glance view into the code coverage of your project.

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Coverage tree map

See your coverage as a clickable treemap for a whole project or a single package.

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Per-test coverage

When you select a test case, the lines that the test case executed are highlighted.

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Risks in code coverage

The coverage clouds report highlights complex untested code, so you can find what needs more testing.

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Historical charts

Use the historical reports to easily track code coverage over time.

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Test results with coverage results

Clover lets you drill down into the full details of test results.

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Tests optimization

By integrating Clover with your IDE, you can enable test optimization directly from your IDE.

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Groovy coverage

Clover's HTML reports provide a summary of the coverage and unit test results on your Groovy code.

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