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How do I migrate data from Bitbucket Server to Bitbucket Cloud?

There are several options for migrating your repositories over to Bitbucket Cloud, including:

  • Use our repository importer to import individual repositories. To migrate using the importer, your Bitbucket Server domain needs to be publicly accessible. If it's not publicly accessible Bitbucket Cloud will not be able to access to your Bitbucket Server to perform the import.
  • You can also create a new repository on Bitbucket Cloud, and then simply push from your local repository to the new repository in Bitbucket Cloud.
  • If you have a lot of repositories, Bitbucket Cloud provides APIs for you to script the creation and pushing of repositories in bulk.

Currently, we only support moving repository data (your source code) from Bitbucket Server to Bitbucket Cloud. There's no supported method for migrating user accounts, permission structures, or repository metadata like pull request history and comments.

Note that due to the limited scope of data migrated, you can migrate from any version of Bitbucket Server. 

What is the cost to set up and migrate to Bitbucket Cloud?

Following our Bitbucket migration planning guide, you can set up Bitbucket Cloud and migrate at no additional cost. 

Our Support team is available to help if needed. If you'd like someone to do the setup and migration for your company, please contact an Atlassian Partner to learn more about these services and the costs associated.

What's the difference between Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Cloud?

With Bitbucket Cloud, hosting, maintenance, and upgrades are all handled for you. For more specific differences between cloud, server, and Data Center, check out the comparison grid on the Bitbucket features page.

How do I stay up to date with what's new in Bitbucket Cloud?

You can track major changes that affect all users of Bitbucket Cloud in the Atlassian Cloud Documentation blog. This includes new features, bug fixes, and other changes across all Atlassian Cloud products.

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Where is Bitbucket Cloud data hosted?

Bitbucket Cloud operates almost entirely on physical hardware, with a primary data center location in Ashburn, Virginia and a disaster recovery site in Santa Clara, California.

Will Bitbucket Cloud ever go down for maintenance?

In very rare instances the entire site may go down for maintenance. If this occurs, we'll announce it on and will also show the status in a banner at the top when logged in to Bitbucket.

Do you have any uptime guarantees or SLAs?

We don't currently have an official uptime SLA agreement. However, since downtime is bad for everyone's business, including ours, we strive for 100 percent uptime and have made uptime and reliability transparent and trackable.

How are disaster recovery and backups handled?

We treat reliability and security very seriously. You can find out how we handle backups in our Bitbucket Cloud documentation.


What is the cost for a Bitbucket Cloud subscription?

Unlike Bitbucket Server, Bitbucket Cloud is offered as a monthly subscription on a per-user basis, with three different pricing plans: Free, Standard, and Premium. Check out Bitbucket Licensing to decide which plan is best for your team and estimate your monthly costs.

If you're planning on using apps from the Atlassian Marketplace in Bitbucket Cloud, remember to factor these into your cost considerations. 

Note that your existing Bitbucket Server license and maintenance don't transfer to Bitbucket Cloud. These are two separate licenses and are paid for separately.

How does the cost of Bitbucket Cloud compare to Bitbucket Server?

With Atlassian's cloud products, including Bitbucket Cloud, Atlassian handles the security, upgrades, hosting, support, and more. 

Since the hardware, database and file systems running Bitbucket Cloud are maintained by Atlassian, your total cost of ownership may be lower with Bitbucket Cloud. 

Can I switch my Bitbucket Server license to a Bitbucket Cloud license?

No. You cannot switch an existing Bitbucket Server license to a Bitbucket Cloud license. To move to Bitbucket Cloud, you would sign up for Bitbucket Cloud and then stop renewing your server license maintenance.


Which apps are available for Bitbucket Cloud?

To see which of the apps you use are available in Bitbucket Cloud and discover new cloud apps, check the Atlassian Marketplace. Keep in mind while you're evaluating that Bitbucket Cloud may have some functionality that replaces the need for your Bitbucket Server apps. 

Note that some apps are only available for cloud, and some are only available for server. If an app you need isn't available for Bitbucket Cloud, reach out to the app developer to request availability in Bitbucket Cloud or discuss your migration options.

You may also have custom apps that you've built in Bitbucket Server. If that's the case, you can recreate your custom app using our cloud APIs.

For additional assistance migrating app data, you can visit our Atlassian Partners page to find one who can help with your migration.

How frequently will updates happen in Bitbucket Cloud?

We regularly deploy updates to all of the Atlassian Cloud products, including Bitbucket Cloud. Major changes are announced weekly in the Atlassian Cloud Documentation blog. This includes new features, bug fixes, and other changes.

Will I be notified before updates are released in Bitbucket Cloud?

No. Because updates are deployed regularly, administrators aren't notified of upcoming changes. You can follow the Atlassian Cloud Documentation blog to keep up with changes that may affect your users.

Is it possible to enable SSO across Jira or Confluence Server and Bitbucket Cloud?

Currently in cloud, we only allow SSO by proxy using Atlassian accounts. Atlassian Access allows for SSO integration with an SSO provider of your choosing across all of the Atlassian Cloud products (with the exception of Trello and StatusPage at the time of this writing). We don't currently have a way to integrate SSO/SAML across Jira Server and Bitbucket Cloud exclusively. Learn more


How do I plan my migration?

Check out our Bitbucket Server to cloud migration planning guide for step-by-step instructions on how to plan and execute your migration.

How long does migration take?

No two migrations are exactly alike. Depending on the amount of planning, change management, and the complexity of your migration, the entire process could be a matter of days or months.

The best way to determine this is to plan your migration in advance and execute a test migration.

Depending on the migration strategy we pick, how much downtime should be expected?

No two migrations are exactly alike. We recommend running a test migration to assess your plan and how long your migration will take, including any expected downtime.

When is the best time to run a migration?

We recommend scheduling your migration at night, over a weekend, or another downtime to reduce the impact on your users. 

What migrates over, and what doesn't?

When you migrate from Bitbucket Server to Cloud, the following data is imported:

  • Repository data (your source code).

The following is not imported:

  • Repository metadata, including pull requests and comments.
  • User accounts and permission structures.
Does the migration overwrite my existing data and information on the Bitbucket Cloud site?

No. Because you're importing your repositories as new repositories, any existing data will not be written over.

What happens to my apps when I migrate?

Apps are not migrated when you move from Bitbucket Server to Bitbucket Cloud. 

After migrating, you will need to re-install any compatible apps or work with the app vendor to migrate any relevant data.

I have Bitbucket linked to other tools – what happens to my links when I migrate?

If you're migrating both Jira and Bitbucket, you'll want to connect them in cloud after you migrate.

You'll also need to set up links to any other tools after migrating your repositories. These links aren't included when you import repositories.

What happens to my users when I migrate?

You'll need to add your users to Bitbucket Cloud before or after migrating your repositories. Users aren't included when you import repositories.


Do you offer migration services?

While we do not offer professional services for migrations, our support team can help you plan your migration.  

For help with a full end to end migration, we also have a wide network of partners globally that are experienced in Atlassian migrations. Visit our Atlassian Partners page to find one who can help with your migration.

Do you offer technical support for migrations?

Our migrations support team can help with technical questions or issues related to your migration.

Do you offer migration support on weekends?

Migration support on weekends is limited. If you'll be migrating over a weekend and need support, we recommend getting in touch first so we can be prepared.

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