Product investment

Jira Software:


  • Clean up Synchrony data automatically: We’ve delivered the ability to regularly and automatically clean up Synchrony, the engine that powers collaborative editing. This will keep your Synchrony database tables from growing too large over time - and help you scale your instance. You can also choose to clean up Synchrony data when you need to with a hard eviction job, in case you need to remove data more aggressively.
  • New tools to help you pre and post-upgrade: To help make your next upgrade more straightforward, we’ve introduced a pre-upgrade planning page that will give admins a tailored upgrade plan recommended for your instance. After a successful upgrade, we now display the status of your apps and application links, and highlight any important changes that may impact your systems or users.
  • New Confluence search: We’ve improved search result quality and delivered a new search experience for Confluence. Now, you can search for anything in an expanded search view, quickly refine results with filters, and use the existing Confluence search syntax - like wildcards and other operators - for more precise search queries. You can filter search results by space, contributor, type, date, label or space category.
  • Massive editor improvements: We've made a huge number of under the hood improvements, including solving common frustrations relating to table cells, bullet points, and cursor behavior, especially when copying and pasting content.
  • Atlassian Companion app: You can now seamlessly edit any file and save it back to Confluence with the Atlassian Companion app, saving you the hassle of having to download, save and re-upload files. You can edit from preview, the attachments page, Attachments macro or View File macro.
  • Supported platform updates: From Adopt OpenJDK 8 support to Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and Oracle 12c Release 2.
  • Compliance improvements: We are supporting your GDPR and compliance efforts by providing the ability to permanently delete a user account and anonymize much of the personally identifiable information associated with it.
  • Cloud Migration Assistant: We’ve provided an app that helps you easily move content, users, and groups from Confluence Server or Data Center to Confluence Cloud. Built and maintained by Atlassian, the app is free to install and use.
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Jira Service Desk:


  • Code Insights: Show important development information directly on pull requests inside the product to help proactively diagnose potential issues, shorten test cycles, and improve code quality from your favorite 3rd party apps.
  • Git LFS file locking: Lock files to stop them from being edited while you work on them and easily view when files are locked to avoid difficult-to-resolve merge conflicts when working with videos, 3D models, and other types of binary files.
  • Built-in commit graph: Easily find commits, understand the relationships between them, and visualize your entire repository and commit history get work done faster.
  • View SVG source code: To streamline reviewing and working with SVGs, you can now directly see and edit their source code in Bitbucket. This can be done in both diff and source view.
  • Delete confirmation check: To prevent a project or repository from being deleted by accident, there is now an additional check — a user must first enter his or her name.
  • Compare commits: Quickly start comparing revisions right in the side bar. You can now select a commit and compare it to another commit, branch, or tag or easily share the results of your comparison with your team by sending them the URL.
  • Bitbucket Server for Slack: Get updates about your Bitbucket Server repositories and perform key Bitbucket actions directly from your Slack channel. This integration is built and maintained by Atlassian with support back to Bitbucket Server 5.2.
  • Supported platform updates: We are continually looking to provide support for the latest supported platforms. This past year we’ve added support for Java 11 runtime support, Git 2.20, PostgreSQL 11, Elasticsearch 6.5, MySQL 8.0 and MariaDB 10.3.7
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  • Bamboo Specs YAML 2.0: We’ve improved our YAML Specs support, which includes support for deployments, deployments permissions and plan permissions. We've also broadened the scope of plan definitions, added new tasks and simplified Bamboo Specs YAML syntax.

  • Project View permission: We’ve introduced a new permission (the “view” permission), which allows you to limit access to projects to specific users or groups. Users with plan permissions need the view permission to see the content of a project and to access all of the plans in a project. Without it, users won't be able to see, run or administer any plans.

  • New VCS tasks: We renamed VCS tasks to Repository task and added two new VCS tasks: Commit and Push. The Repository Commit task allows you to commit and push changes to a remote repository to help in simpler use cases, while the Repository Push task will only push changes created by other tasks and is intended to be used with more complex workflows.

  • Agent notifications: We know many of you manage a large number of remote agents. With agent notifications, you can now easily identify when your remote agents come online or go offline directly within Bamboo or via an email notification.

  • Parsing build warnings: We introduced a new task, which scans build logs and output files for compiler warnings, which allows you to decide to fail builds based on the amount and severity of warnings.

  • Deployment performance improvements: We improved performance issues and usability problems around the deployments feature, including updates to the deployments dashboard, and single deployment view page.

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Portfolio for Jira:

  • Portfolio for Jira 3.0: In our 3.0 platform release we've changed the way Portfolio for Jira operates, placing more control into your hands to create a roadmap exactly as you've envisioned, evolve your plans as changes occur, and share your strategy with key stakeholders. The new planning experience includes:

    • An intuitive planning UI, making it easier to see and manipulate the data that powers your roadmap.

    • Enhanced drag and drop scheduling functionality, giving you the flexibility to shape your roadmap to your liking.

    • New filtering options and view settings, allowing you to see your plan through different lenses and tailor the experience for different audiences.

    • Improved dependency management capabilities, helping you to instantly surface conflicts early before they derail your plans.

    • New capacity management capabilities, helping you understand the feasibility of the work scoped over a given period of time.

    • And, for advanced users, we’ve maintained the use of our scheduling algorithm to allow you to auto-schedule your entire roadmap with a click of a button.

  • Following the launch of Portfolio for Jira 3.0, we’ve further improved on the new planning experience through iterative releases and intend to place an emphasis on these three key areas of development on the road ahead: capacity management, reporting, and sharing plans.
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