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Become an Atlassian Certified Professional Jira Administrator

Jira Administrators manage, customize, and configure Jira from within the Jira user interface. ACP Certification in Jira Administration covers the skills needed to optimize Jira for any development or business team.

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  • You have 2-3 years of experience administering Jira.
  • You understand the specifics of Jira Server. (Cloud-specific material is no longer covered in the exam except at a high level when comparing Cloud, Server and Data Center to meet a company's needs.)
  • You can interpret and translate business requirements to Jira.
  • You can keep Jira healthy because you grasp how your choices affect Jira's performance, scalability, and day-to-day manageability.
  • You’re a guru when it comes to workflows, schemes, and other features available through Jira.
  • You know how to take advantage of Atlassian resources and community to  help your team implement best practices within Jira.

Atlassian University's Jira Project Administration Certification covers some of the same topics and is our recommended starting point if you want comprehensive training with a focus on Jira projects. 

Exam details

Exam Number



Proctored online (also available at testing centers)

Test Aids
  • Hard-copy of English Dictionary or English-(Language) Dictionary (allowed both online or at testing centers)
  • Pencil/Pen and Paper supplied by Test Center (allowed at testing centers only)

Jira Software Server Enterprise Releases


USD $250 + tax

Exam Time

180 minutes

Passing Score



70 - 80

Exam Topics


ACP exams are intended to be challenging – increase your chances of success with careful preparation!

  • Download the Exam Topics and evaluate your readiness. 
  • Get hands-on practice across all the topics, paying particular attention to functionalities you work with less often.
  • Make sure to understand how Jira operates with no apps installed.
  • Make sure to understand all the Jira Administrator's responsibilities in a Server environment.
  • Consult the Atlassian product documentation to learn about nuances of each topic that you may be unfamiliar with.
  • If you typically use a localized product, use the English version to prepare for the exam, so that you'll be familiar with the names of menu options and other product features.
  • Be sure you have a high-level awareness of other roles involved in maintaining Jira (e.g. system administrators, server administrators) and how this larger team works together.
Training Courses

Foundational courses

If you're just getting started, training courses from Atlassian University are an excellent way to begin. These courses provide the foundation for Jira Administration. Build on this foundation with experience before graduating to the Skillbuilders and Exam Prep course.

Skillbuilder series

If you have experience, Atlassian University's Jira Administration Skillbuilder series is designed for you.  We recommend using the Skillbuilders together with the Certification Prep Course.  You can earn a Skills Badge for any Skillbuilder.

Exam Preparation

This course is for experienced Jira Administrators.

You'll learn what to expect from the Jira Administrator certification exam, get in-depth guidance on how to focus your preparation, and hear technical discussion of the exam topics from people who wrote the exam.

The course includes detailed discussion of sample questions, and recommended “Lab Challenge” exercises that come with 24 hours of consecutive access to your own lab environment.

Steps to get certified

  • To take the exam online, download our Online Proctored Exam Setup Guide for system requirements and setup instructions.
  • ​Go through the System Compatibility Check here.
  • Your computer must meet all system requirements to launch the exam successfully on exam day. A green check mark for each requirement will allow you to successfully launch and take the exam on the day of your exam appointment.
  • ​Please disable firewalls or use a computer without a corporate firewall. Firewalls may interfere with installing the secure browser needed to take the test. You should use a computer on which you have the privileges needed to install applications.
  • (If you can't meet the system requirements, you can schedule and take your exam in a Testing Center.)
  • Create or access your account.
  • You'll be assigned an Atlassian Testing ID, which uniquely identifies you in the Atlassian Certification Program.
  • You'll be able to schedule exams, download e-certificates, manage your credentials and share digital badges to social media from the Certification Portal.
  • Schedule and pay for your exam from the Certification Portal.
  • Payment is by credit card or voucher. Pay particular attention to the refund and rescheduling policies.
  • Select and register for the Online Proctored or Testing Center version of the exam.
STEP 3 – Prepare Your Environment for the Exam
  • After you've registered, the page will display instructions for you to check your machine’s system compatibility.
  • Your computer must meet all system requirements to launch the exam. For more details, we recommend reviewing the Online Proctored Exam Setup Guide at least 48 hours prior to your exam appointment.
  • Important! Please disable firewalls or use a computer without a corporate firewall. Firewalls may interfere with installing the secure browser needed to take the test. You should use a computer on which you have the privileges needed to install applications.

Two forms of ID…

Government issued photo ID

Other ID with signature


Log into the Certification Portal at least 15 minutes prior to your exam time. Make sure all applications are closed and that you have your ID ready.

  • Click Schedule an Exam.
  • Launch your exam to start installing the Secure Browser app. After launching the installed app, you will be asked to use only ONE monitor. The system will run a compatibility check again.
  • Start the ID Verification and Room Scan process and connect with online proctor. Once everything is reviewed and approved by the proctor, then the exam will be ready for you to click Start.

Help or Live Chat Support will always be available.


Start by looking over FAQ’s at or check out the video tutorial at

If you need immediate assistance, please call 1-800-211-2754 or email

You can also contact Atlassian Certification Team by submitting a ticket at our Service Desk.

Launch Your Exam

Passed? Congratulations, you're an Atlassian Certified Professional!

  • After 24 hours, log in to the Candidate Portal and verify your Certified status.
  • We'll send you an email explaining how you can download your e-Certificate, share your credentials online, add your new digital badge to your email signature, and provide your transcript to others.
  • Your Certification will be valid for 24 months. 

Didn't pass?

  • You'll need to wait 7 days before you can re-register, but we recommend taking some extra time.  
  • Exam retakes are the same price as your first exam.
  • Check out the recommended preparation options from Atlassian University.

Maintain your certification

Your Certification is valid for 24 months.

To keep your Certification active, simply earn a related Atlassian Skills Badge or Pro Skills Badge before the expiration date. Each Badge will extend your Certification for 24 months from the Badge completion date. 

There are two types of Badge:

  • Atlassian Pro Skills Badges are earned by passing an online-proctored exam from your home or office.
  • Atlassian Skills Badges are earned by taking a free Skillbuilder course. To complete the requirements, you must pass an online assessment based on the course.

To keep all your Badges active, simply earn a new Badge every 24 months.

Badge policies