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How Atlassian handles incidents with DevOps

How does IT support a DevOps environment, where developers are building, shipping and running their own code? What happens when something goes wrong?

Welcome to the "How Atlassian Does DevOps" series. In this section, our Service Operations Manager shows you how we handle incidents with both a DevOps and ITIL approach, allowing us to support the speed of innovation.

New to the series? I recommend watching the introduction first.

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How Atlassian Does DevOps Intro (Part 1)

How Atlassian Builds Products (Part 2)

How Atlassian Builds Infrastructure (Part 3)

How Atlassian Does DevOps Q&A (Part 5)

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Sarah Khogyani

Product Marketing Manager, Jira Service Desk

I've been championing IT software for three years and honing an expertise in knowledge management because I'm passionate about helping people effectively use knowledge to be more productive. I graduated from Cal Berkeley and am a California native. Go Bears! Find me on Twitter: @sarahzora


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