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Xero develops cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses and has more than 1,450 employees globally. It was named the 2014 and 2015 Forbes Most Innovative Growth Company.

Since its inception 10 years ago, Xero has seen exponential growth, more than tripling in size from 2013 to 2016. During this hypergrowth, its homegrown development tools became less effective. Teams across geographies were struggling to work together; they needed tools that would scale and foster a culture of global collaboration.

After evaluating different solutions, Xero rolled out Jira Software and Confluence across its development teams. “We looked for those who were passionate about new tooling and supporting change, to drive the delivery and best practice of Atlassian tools,” says Anika Rani, technical business analyst at Xero.

Xero’s culture promotes creativity, openness, and flexibility. “Everything we do with the Atlassian tools has to endorse those values,” says Rani. With Atlassian, Xero achieves the right balance between standardization and freedom. The teams use flexible Jira workflows with global transitions that enable them to scale the tools to their fast-changing, dynamic work environment.

Teams use plug-ins from the Atlassian Marketplace to customize the workflows. Says Rani: “We want our teams to adapt and mature in their own way. The Marketplace lets people do the things the way they want, but ensure we’ve got the information flowing through Atlassian.”

At times, Xero had up to three new people starting per day. To onboard developers, the company used Confluence as a central knowledge base with training materials, and created an internal blogging channel on Confluence to break down silos of content and reach a wide audience quickly.

Jira and Confluence give developer teams a collaboration framework that allows Xero to scale, while cultivating company values like creativity and openness. “Atlassian products foster every single one of our core values: Challenge, Beautiful, Champion, Human, Ownership,” says Rani.

To learn more about how Xero leverages Atlassian to scale its culture of collaboration, watch the Atlassian 2016 Summit presentation.


Atlassian products foster every single one of our core values: Challenge, Beautiful, Champion, Human, Ownership.

— Anika Rani, technical business analyst, Xero

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