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Amadeus is the leader in technology solutions for the global travel and tourism industry. Through its flagship product Altéa Customer Management System, Amadeus connects airlines, hotels, railways, cruise lines, and other travel providers to over 100,000 travel agents worldwide.


Amadeus has over 5000 developers in 16 R & D centers around the globe. Three years ago, with help from Atlassian Expert Valiantys and an Atlassian Technical Account Manager, Amadeus standardized on Atlassian and migrated the entire development team from SVN to Git.  

Now, “Atlassian tools have become key to our teams. We can't afford downtime or latency. We need around the clock access without compromising performance," said Frederic Ros, Head of Development Efficiency at Amadeus.

Amadeus uses the entire Atlassian stack: Bitbucket Data Center to manage its Git repositories; Confluence Data Center for creating and managing documentation; Jira Software Server for project management and issue tracking; and Hipchat Server for communication.  

“We chose Atlassian’s Data Center deployment option because it’s designed for high availability, performance at scale, and instant scalability when hosting our own applications. Additionally, from a privacy, administrative and infrastructure standpoint, Data Center apps are easy to manage and maintain,” explains Eric Canamas, Head of Architecture at Amadeus.

With Bitbucket Data Center, Amadeus development teams perform over 1,000 pull requests a day for more meaningful continuous integration all the while releasing higher quality code faster and more efficiently.

Further, all of the R&D team's work is documented and discussed in Confluence. “With more than 100 active users an hour, and 500 new pages a day, Confluence Data Center keeps our teams connected across the world and allows us to collaborate at scale," says Ros.  

Wherever we are in the world, whatever the time zone or the schedule, Atlassian tools allow us to stay connected.— Eric Canamas, Head of Architecture at Amadeus

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