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December 2014

Pledge 1%: a new model for corporate philanthropy, A rap video about HipChat, Puppet Labs proves JIRA Service Desk isn't just for IT, Inside Atlassian: retrospectives

November 2014

Why you should nuke your old group chat clients, What happens when you let customers write on your wall, 40,000 reasons to celebrates, and 7 knowledge management tips for your service desk team

October 2014

Summit 2014 video archive, Confluence helps indigenous students graduate, Get to know the new HipChat, and 5 tips to make your Git repos CI-friendly

September 2014

Top announcements from Summit 2014, Atlassian University is free!, Customer story: Vistaprint, and Atlassian named 2014 best place to work in Australia!

August 2014

The new gold standard in workflow automation, What's new at Atlassian?, Summit is in two weeks!, JIRA 6.3: Untangle development, From the Vault, Upcoming events, Collaborate with your team using a wiki, and more!

July 2014

New Atlassian Enterprise offerings, What's new at Atlassian?, DIY service desk, Organize, prioritize, and optimize, From the Vault, Upcoming events, A skeptic's guide to continuous delivery, and more!

June 2014

Git 2.0 is here, What's new at Atlassian?, HipChat is free for unlimited users, Customer stories: Friday Media Group, From the Vault, Upcoming events, My life runs on JIRA, and more!

May 2014

Tips for distributed dev teams, What's new at Atlassian?, Even agile teams roadmap, University tips of the month, Introducing Agile Ready, From the Vault, Upcoming events, Publishing kick-ass websites with Confluence, and more!

April 2014

Git project dependencies, What's new at Atlassian?, Do Agile Right webinar, University tips of the month, Atlassian pledges $1M at the 2014 Room to Read Wine Gala, From the Vault, Upcoming events, and more!

March 2014

Introducing Atlassian Connect, What's new at Atlassian, Every team needs kick-ass code reviews, JIRA for asset management, Turn your static homepage into a dynamic Q&A forum, Webinar: Git Essentials - see it live!, From the Vault, Upcoming events, and more!

February 2014

Git the whole picture in JIRA, What's new at Atlassian?, What's new in Git 1.9, JIRA Agile is for everyone, Inside Atlassian: How I keep my team aligned with Team Calendars, How using HipChat helps build our company culture, From the Vault, Upcoming events, and more!


January 2014

Feature development lifecycle with Git, What's new at Atlassian?, Agile capacity planning, 3 steps to ease external collaboration tension, 3 essential pages for marketing teams, Top 10 Confluence highlights from 2013, From the Vault, Hackhouse 2014: Being a mentor, and more!


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