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December 2013

Building a better robot, What's new at Atlassian?, Git: The T is for team!, 8 steps to make your JIRA field-er-iffic, 5 ways to work with JIRA issues in Confluence, Integrate with HipChat, Automate your standup and wallboard with Crontabs, From the Vault, Mark your calendars: Atlassian Summit is back September 9-11, 2014, and more!

November 2013

Introducing Chet Rong: the world's worst agile coach, What's new at Atlassian?, Git team workflows: merge or rebase?, 7 steps to a beautiful and useful agile dashboard, Turn your JIRA Service Desk into a self-service desk, How we scale to 1 billion messages, Publish JIRA reports in Confluence, From the Vault, Atlassian Foundation in Cambodia, and more!

October 2013

JIRA Service Desk, What's new at Atlassian?, Fight the dark side of lean UX with the Experience Canvas, Searching for sprints by name, Build on shared knowledge, Extend HipChat with Plivo's open telephony API, Upgrade your development workflow, From the Vault, and more!

September 2013

6 steps towards stress-free releases with JIRA and Bamboo, What's new at Atlassian, How we do project management at Atlassian, Crowdsourcing issue triage, bring Twitter into Confluence, 8 ways to help design teams communicate, do you know Cassandra? From the Vault, and more!

August 2013

Do agile right, What's new at Atlassian, Say "hello" to JIRA Agile and JIRA Capture, Playing favorites with filters, Display JIRA issues in Confluence, Bulk changes, Git forks and upstreams: How-to and a cool tip, From the Vault, and more!

July 2013

Meet Steve Harris, What's new at Atlassian?, Walking the documentation tightrope in an agile world, Reporting in JIRA, Five keyboard shortcuts we can't live without in Confluence, Quick filter agility in GreenHopper, Three tips for remote teamwork, From the Vault, and more!

June 2013

Bitbucket passes 1,000,000 users, What's new at Atlassian?, What you need to know about git 1.8.3, Find any issue fast with complex query shortcuts, Five features beginners will love in Confluence, Right click awesome in GreenHopper, JIRA 6 + Bamboo 5 = release management goes up to 11, From the Vault, and more!

May 2013

JIRA 6, Modern. Fast. Mobile. Simple, What's New at Atlassian?, Summit 2013 registration is now open!, Configuring search results, How to share files with your team, Organize with epics, DevOps Dojo, From the Vault, and more!

April 2013

Confluence 5.1: Introducing Blueprints, What's New at Atlassian?, Meet the Stash Realtime Editor Add-on, Supercharge the Created vs. Resolved gadget, Three ways to use the new status macro, T is for toggle, A Peek Into HubSpot's Collaborative Culture, From the Vault, and more!

March 2013

Confluence 5: New Look, Feel and Flow, What's New at Atlassian?, Hooked on Stash, JIRA Query Language recap, 4 things to try with the Space Sidebar, Set your homepage to agile, Make HipChat your Team's Command Center, From the Vault, and more!

February 2013

Codegeist is back!, What's New at Atlassian?, A little practical GC tuning - on Eclipse, Look at the JQL portions of a chart, Building a company glossary with Confluence, How to indicate you are waiting, The tell-all tale of Bitbucket's redesign, From the Vault, and more!

January 2013

From SVN to Git: How we made the switch, What's New at Atlassian?, Covariance and contravariance in Scala, How to receive notifications in HipChat, 3 ways to keep you team in sync with shares, How Atlassian uses GreenHopper, Hack House is back, and more!


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