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December 2012

Maven, continuous integration and rotating knives. 3 ways to make your meetings count. Feature Branches just got better. Key takeaways from our inaugural Girl Geek Dinner. Stash 2: Powered by Git. Controlled by you. Team Calendars 3: Introducing the Timeline View. Atlassian Plugin SDK 4.1: The Ultimate Edition. GreenHopper 6.1: Tame an unruly backlog. University tips of the month: JIRA - Take a moment for yourself, Confluence - 12 things you didn't know, GreenHopper - Keyboard shortcuts.

November 2012

Execute a campaign using JIRA & Confluence. Hello Answers, goodbye forums. 3 ways Confluence eases product management. Redesigning Bitbucket with a flick of a switch. Go extra-Agile - Customize automated test suites. Webhooks: SMS customers about service requests. University tips of the month: JIRA - 3 ways to keep teams connected, Confluence - 3 ways to share images, Greenhopper - How Atlassian uses Quick Filters

October 2012

Designer in the code. 5 steps to build a killer dashboard. Get fancy with card colors in GreenHopper. Big releases this month: Team Calendars 2.5, Stash 1.3, redesigned Bitbucket, HipChat iOS app 1.7, Bamboo 4.3, Bonfire 2.6. Is your team suffering from CD? Calling all girl geeks! 8 million resumes created with Atlassian OnDemand. University tips of the month: JIRA - Work faster with M-A-C-E, Confluence - 5 things to try in Confluence mobile, GreenHopper - Sprint retrospective.

September 2012

New GreenHopper 6: Innovation Week. 3 reasons why email hurts your productivity. Artifact passing for Agile Teams. Big releases this month: Confluence Enterprise, Confluence 4.3, Stash 1.3 Beta. University tips of the month: GreenHopper - Card colors, JIRA - Dot and comma dialog shortcuts, Confluence - Page layouts.

August 2012

Story Branching and Continuous Integration. Reasons to go to AtlasCamp 2012! Check out the first JIRA Enterprise Webinar. No Pain, More Gain: Updates to the Plugin Manager. You Waste A LOT of Time at Work [INFOGRAPHIC]. A Cleaner, more Personal, Bitbucket Dashboard.

July 2012

Linking your Stash Git repos to Crucible. Meet the new & improved Bamboo OnDemand. Atlassian a leader in the new Gartner ALM report. Atlassian Foundation raises $US191k for charity. ShipIt Day: Out with the old, in with the new. JIRA + Bitbucket made easy.

June 2012

Performance and Soke. Browse, try, buy on Atlassian Marketplace. GreenHopper 5.10 - Best tool for Scrum teams. Bonfire 2.2 - Better issue creation for all. Let's get together with Bamboo 4.1. The Summit 2012 wrap-up. Codegeist is back. Team up with Bitbucket.

May 2012

My hip new workflow with HipChat; Meet Atlassian Stash; Linking Bitbucket and JIRA; NASA launches Atlassian into space; GreenHopper: Scope change and user stories; Team Calendars 2.2 gets Agile; Atlassian Summit 2012: It's gonna be huge; SourceTree 1.4: Stash's trusty sidekick

April 2012

Bamboo 4 has arrived; Get your hands on Confluence 4.2; What's new in GreenHopper 5.9.4; Summit 2012: Meet with our product ninjas; Bonfire 2.1 - Amazing annotations; On conference talks; Feature branches and continuous integration; April 13, henceforth, Atlassian Day in SF!

March 2012

Meet HipChat; Testing together with Bonfire 2; Team Calendars 2: Drag-and-drop JIRA issues; Summit 2012 agenda is live; Git vs Mercurial: Why Git?; Getting rid of unwanted HTTP sessions; QA innovation blog round-up; The pull request story; Europe, we're coming for your geeks!; Atlassian bugs infest SXSW 2012

February 2012

JIRA 5 goes social, Register for Summit 2012!, SourceTree 1.3 Released, Team Calendars 1.9 released, GreenHopper 5.9 available today, What is version control? Centralized vs DVCS, Moving Confluence from Subversion to Git, Mercurial vs Git: Why Mercurial?, Our decision to abandon the Mac App Store

January 2012

Registration open for Atlassian Unite Europe, Team Calendars 1.8 released, Top 11 JIRA updates of 2011, Top 11 Confluence updates of 2011, Modern principles in web development, Calling all Android devs - help us help you, Continuously deploy one byte at a time, Moving Confluence from Subversion to git, Bitbucket: Introducing keyboard shortcuts, 13 steps to perfect security testing


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