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New features in Confluence 4.1

It's the season of giving and the Confluence team decided to splurge this year, bringing you Confluence 4.1 just in time for the holiday season. It's jam packed with new features and improvements that make everyone look like an editing pro.

Edit Like a Pro
100 Moustaches and an Oompa Loompa

A record 100 Atlassians grew a moustache during the month of November to heighten awareness for men's health issues. Collectively they raised US $31,605 along the way in support of inspiring initiatives in Sydney, San Francisco, and Amsterdam. Thanks to matching from the Atlassian Foundation we'll be donating a grand total of US $63,210. Not bad for a little bit of facial hair, huh?

Oompa Loompa
Pull requests with side-by-side diffs

Bitbucket now has the option to view file changes – IDE style – with side-by-side diffs. With both versions of the file shown in full with synchronized scrolling, you can more quickly grok what has changed, making code review easier.

Bamboo 3.4 holiday release

Bamboo 3.4 is ready for download and ready to spread a little joy for the holidays. This release provides some gifts for our Git users and will bring joy to those expanding their continuous integration process into the cloud.

Developer lives saved with portal device

PortalScience tells us that when a software developer goes head to head with a moving car, the car wins. This is getting expensive for us, and so the lab boys have come up with a better way.

We've installed portals in our two office locations at the Atlassian Software Enrichment Center in Sydney, saving our staff many exhilarating but risky street-crossings every day. The portals allow staff to have ad-hoc meetings and conversations by transmitting light and sound.

The Bamboo Task Master winner

The Bamboo Task Master Challenge provided the community with some great new Bamboo Task plugins, but there could only be one winner. We'll cover all the entrants but first, with no further ado, the winner, the champ, the Bamboo Task Master is...

Atlassian Europe enthusiasts, Unite!

For the first time ever, join us for a full-day conference in London, Paris or Frankfurt! Atlassian Unite will bring together users from all over Europe to hear and participate in discussions about Atlassian products, plugins, use cases and best practices. There will also be plenty of time for socializing and meeting Atlassian team members from Sydney, San Francisco and Amsterdam.

Self-updating Universal Plugin Manager

Anyone who has used the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) in JIRA will attest to its ability to simplify the process of monitoring, installing, and upgrading plugins. It alerts you when there are new versions of your plugins, and most importantly, it downloads and installs the plugins for you – no JIRA restart necessary. The process really couldn't be simpler. However, the UPM couldn't do all those things to itself. Until now.

Atlassian Bootcamp

A big problem that companies face with new hires is how to get them up to speed quickly and reduce new hire anxiety. One of the things that sets progressive technology companies apart is the way new hires are inducted into the organization – through programs that immerse them into the technology, code, and culture.

Google has "Nooglers" (New + Googler...clever), Facebook has their own induction program, and here at Atlassian we have Atlassian Bootcamp.

Atlassian Bootcamp
Win this shirt

Every month, we pose a question or task to our newsletter readers. The brave ones who answer are placed in a drawing to win some free Atlassian gear. This month we're getting into the holiday spirit so the first 40 people that respond will win an Angry Nerds shirt (right)!

This month's question

Do you plan on attending one of our upcoming European events? Answer this question to be entered in our drawing.

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