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December 2010

Announcing the Ultimate Wallboard Winner, $45,982, 40 Moustaches and 1 Blue Mohawk, GreenHopper 5.4, How does Atlassian encourage software renewals?, Six Tools to Enhance Your Wiki Experience, JIRA's Bugzilla Importer Updated and Improved, Crowd 2.1 Arrives in a Blaze of REST, LDAP and C, Atlassian wins Aussie Exporter of the Year and Deloitte Fast 50, December bush regeneration with Atlassian Foundation

November 2010

Hello Europe, we're hiring, Bamboo 2.7 has shipped!, Can Atlassian develop the world's best Team Leads?, Access Your Dropbox Account in Confluence, Beyond the wallboard - information radiators for extreme feedback, It's Movember @ Atlassian - Double Mo all the Way!, How does Atlassian count customers?, Bugbox puts JIRA in your pocket

October 2010

Do you have the Ultimate Wallboard?, JIRA 4.2 & GreenHopper 5.3 Available, Confluence 3.4 - Faster, richer content creation for everybody, Crucible Starter licenses now available, FishEye & Crucible 2.4, Plugin / Product Version Compatibility, JIRA Studio 2.3 available, We've gone into the code hosting business, AtlasCamp 2010 Summary: Celebrating Our Developer Ecosystem

September 2010

AtlasCamp Agenda Live!, JIRA 4.2 Beta Available, Atlassian is a "Great Place to Work", Improving JIRA User Experience - Delivering with agility, 3 Wiki Shortcuts to Save You Time with Autocomplete, Under the hood of JIRA Drag and Drop Attachments plugin, Code Review with the Atlassian Bamboo Developers, Drag and Drop Screenshots into Confluence with Skitch

August 2010

AtlasCamp 2010, GreenHopper 5.2 now available - Kanban Kandy, 3 Reasons to Try the Universal Plugin Manager in JIRA, 3 Ways Atlassian Delivers Legendary Support, Flexible Agile Planning with GreenHopper, Software Support Best Practices, JIRA Studio + Google Apps + Chat Integration, Atlassian SF Cleans Up Ocean Beach

July 2010

The Atlassian Adventure Continues..., GreenHopper 5.1 now available - even faster agile planning, JIRA Studio 2.2 New Feature Highlights - Agile Planning & Management, Get your hands on Confluence 3.3 with Macro Autocomplete, JIRA 4.2 EAP 3 is available, Wallboards: the best new way to track your team's progress, Integrating Enterprise Tester with Crowd, Charts, diagrams, wireframes, floorplans - Gliffy does it all in the wiki, Gettin' Agile Wit It

June 2010

Summit 2010: the boxset, GreenHopper 5 - Simple and fast agile planning, JIRA 4.1 - Easier and faster issue tracking, Confluence 3.2 - Page editing just got a lot faster, Bamboo 2.6 Deep Dive: Automatically Managed Elastic Instances, Atlassian raises $500K for Room to Read. Next stop: $1M, Developer Relations News, Integrating Atlassian's Hosted Dev Suite with Google Apps, Mercy Ships wins Atlassian 2010 Community Award, Introducing the Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio, 5 Steps to Start a User Group

March 2010

JIRA Studio has "Gone Google", Agile with GreenHopper 4.3, FishEye & Crucible 2.2 Released, Atlassian Summit 2010 Agenda Announced, March Madness, Atlassian Connector for Eclipse 2.0, Skin your wiki, Code Review in Agile Teams, JQL Queries in an OpenSocial Gadget

February 2010

Join Atlassian!, Earn a Free Pass to Summit, Announcing SharePoint Connector 1.1, 2009 State of Agile Development, CRM integration with your Confluence wiki, Protip: Open in Eclipse & IntelliJ Shortcuts, Social Media Monitoring in the Wiki, JIRA 4 dashboard slow on mobile device!, Extreme Makeover: New User Group Space

January 2010

Announcing Atlassian Summit 2010, Bamboo 2.5 Released, Cash for Clunkers, Confluence - And the winners are..., OpenSocial Gadgets enter JIRA Studio, Atlassian Webinar Roundup, JIRA 4 Performance - Part 2, Welcome to Plugins Studio!, How our Sales Engineers use JIRA, Visual requirements management in JIRA


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