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December 2008

Atlassian Summit: worldwide user conference, Clover 2.4: Stop testing so much!, Confluence 2.10 - Just in time for the Holidays, Announcing JIRA Studio 1.5, ShipIt 9, Subversion replication at Atlassian, Upcoming Events

November 2008

6 Months at Atlassian, Inside the Machine: Life at Atlassian Video, Clover 2.4 released, now test smarter with Test Optimization, Upcoming Events, 20% projects in the wild Ð Rapha‘l, Only 12 months till next AtlasCamp, Come with me a on Magic Quadrant Ride, JIRA Buddy brings JIRA to your iPhone, Come join us in Europe!, Past 6 months at Atlassian

October 2008

Join us for AtlasCamp, JIRA Studio upgraded with customisable tabs, Office Connector milestone, Upcoming events, Hiring in Amsterdam

September 2008

Announcing JIRA 3.13, FishEye & Crucible Updates: Let's get ready to rumble!, New Confluence Shizzle - 2.9, Office and SharePoint Connectors, Upcoming Atlassian Events, Bamboo + JIRA, when builds meet issues, Introducing the Atlassian Integration Guide, Plugins 2.0: a heads-up, AppLinks connects your Atlassian applications

July 2008

ShipIt VIII – NNTP FTW!, Code Coverage as a "Static Debugger", You've Got Massive Issues, The Art of Atlassian, JIRA Issues Bucket, Paper Prototyping in Confluence and JIRA, Atlassian User Groups Are Back

June 2008

Finally, the Results of Codegeist III, Global Search in JIRA Studio, Story Cards, The 20% Friday Five, Two Awesome Confluence Drawing Plugins, The Simpleton Pattern

May 2008

World, Meet JIRA Studio. JIRA Studio, the World., Put Bugs in your IDE... Atlassian IntelliJIDEA Plugin, My People are Spending Time on What?, Crowd 1.4 Brings Power to the People, Confluence has a Selenium Build, Bamboo Plugin for Confluence, A Fiery Vivisection at the Hands of Atlassians..., Gliffy Now Available with Confluence Hosted

April 2008

Releases, Releases, Releases, 20% Time Nuts And Bolts, Codegeist III: Don't Miss Out!, The 20:80 Rule guest blog, Hammering Crowd, Attend an Atlassian User Group, When IE Says DOM Is Ready But It Ain't True

March 2008

Launching JIRA Studio, Atlassian's 20% Time Experiment, Announcing Codegeist III: Be The Code You Seek, Crowd 1.3 Solves Your Identity Crisis, Maven in Our Development Process: Remaining Issues, Four New Capabilities For The Atlassian Plugin Repository, Communicating Across Products and Oceans, Wikis at the White House

February 2008

Developing JIRA Studio - Finding Common Ground, JIRA 3.12 (Through the Eyes of Iteration Title Cards), Maven in Our Development Process: Requirements, Developing in an Open Company is a Fairytale, Case Study: Dow Jones on Confluence, Win tickets to No Fluff Just Stuff, Events on the Horizon, Our Valentine's Day Gift to Developers: CLOVER 2.1

January 2008

Europe... Here We Come!, EditGrid Spreadsheets for Confluence Hosted, JIRA Studio: Stream of Development Consciousness, How to Build an Atlassian Plugin, Design the next Atlassian T-shirt and win an iPhone!, Atlassian QA, What's Your Pattern?


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