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May 2015

Hall + HipChat

Did you miss RoadTrip 2015?

Why do we love agile product management?

Tips for the best-possible support experience

April 2015

Meet "The Help Desk"

Providing customer service isn't easy, but HipChat helps!

How do you raise millions in minutes?

Happy birthday, Git! 

March 2015


5 simple ways to make your life easier

The wait is over – JIRA Portfolio Cloud is here!

Move fast and break things

February 2015


Need a secret weapon for project management?

A better pull request,

How we do it: sprint review

Congratulations, graduates!

January 2015


Join an Atlassian User Group

Top 10 HipChat highlights of 2014

How we do sprint planning

Using add-ons to build better add-ons


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Marian Finch

Meet Atlassian’s Tim TAM

It’s been a little over a year since Tim has moved over to the Technical Account Management Team and he's already created a plethora of strategic and technical resources for our largest enterprise cu ...

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