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Learn how Atlassian Data Center, our self-managed enterprise edition, empowers teams at scale with enterprise features and capabilities

Enterprise capabilities built for scale

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Flexibly deploy your products

Deploy flexibly on an infrastructure that meets your organization's unique needs.

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Customize with apps

Extend your products with Data Center apps, built to handle teams at scale.

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Handle scale with confidence

Eliminate downtime and achieve optimal performance for your teams.

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Define your security needs

Customize your environment based on your organization’s security needs.

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Handle teams at scale

Simplify and secure user authentication with enhanced identity controls.

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Gain insight

Unlock critical information about your organization’s health and productivity.

Migrate your way

Deploy Data Center in a way that supports the needs of your teams at scale

Pick your architecture

Server cluster

Non-clustered Recommended

When high availability isn’t needed and you want to keep your existing infrastructure

Server cluster


For teams that require high availability right away

Pick your infrastructure


Your hardware

Continue to manage and deploy Data Center on your own hardware. 

Storage container

Infrastructure as a service

Leverage cloud providers, such as AWS or Azure, and begin your journey to the cloud.

Assess Data Center

Download a trial license to test drive Data Center’s enterprise features —without disrupting your teams

How to use your Data Center trial license

How should I use my Data Center trial? Show

Data Center trials are intended to give you and your team the opportunity to test features and to help your organization plan out the entire migration journey.

If you plan on deploying Data Center in a non-clustered architecture, then a trial license is a good way to get familiar with new features and capabilities.

If you plan on deploying in a clustered architecture, you can use your trial license to:

  • Tour the product: Explore Data Center, test differences in functionality, and build out a clustered architecture.
  • Create a proof of concept: Data Center trial licenses can also be used as a proof of concept for migration, used to set up initial projects, or build your business case with internal stakeholders. 
  • Test your migration: Finally, you can use this trial to run multiple test migrations in a full production environment, without any limitations. This is highly recommended. 

Our goal is to make sure that your organization experiences some of the benefits of Data Center without disrupting your teams.

When should I trial Data Center? Show

Data Center trial licenses are free and last for 30 days, and allow you to explore and test Data Center over time—without disrupting your team.

If you think that you want to migrate to a non-clustered architecture, download a trail license directly from or directly from your server products.

If you’re thinking about deploying Data Center in a clustered architecture, you can download a new Data Center trial license to enable active clustering and try out the products without having an active server license. 

There are no user limits on your Data Center trial license because this is intended to help your organization evaluate and develop a plan for migrating to Data Center. You also aren’t limited to the number of trial licenses you can have, so you can get one for each of your server instances.

If you need more time planning your migration and testing features, you can extend your trial license up to 90 days. It’s important to note that we only provide trial support for 90 days per license and per product.

Can I trial Data Center Marketplace apps? Show

Yes, separate trial licenses are available for Data Center approved apps and we have 100% coverage of the top 100 server apps.

You can find more details for each app in the Atlassian Marketplace and start your trials.

Who is eligible for this offer? Show

Every customer is eligible for a Data Center trial license with unlimited users.

What will happen to my server license while I try Data Center? Show

Data Center trial licenses should not impact your existing server license in any way.

However, there are some nuances to Data Center trial licenses:

  • Bitbucket: You will need to set up a connection to a remote Elasticsearch installation to enable code search
  • Confluence: You should only apply a trial license to Confluence 7.1 or later, as a Data Center license requires you to set up a cluster. For more information, read our KB support article.

If you choose to move to Data Center after your trial, our team can provide a credit for any unused maintenance or subscription fees remaining on your server license. If you decide to stay on server, your existing license will continue to renew as normal.

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