ACB-110 Advanced Jira Workflows

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Earning Atlassian Badges helps you expand and sharpen your knowledge of Atlassian products and extend your related Certifications.  You do not have to be Certified in order to earn this Badge.

Atlassian Pro Skills Badges are based on a recommended training course from Atlassian University. 

Your Badge will initially be valid for 24 months from the date you earn it.  To keep it active, simply earn any other Skills Badge or Pro Skills Badge. 

Deciding when to earn your Badges is important if you hold or intend to earn an Atlassian Certification – see Timing your Badge for details.

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Exam details

Description of Exam Audience
  • You have a deep understanding of Jira workflows.
  • You understand how workflow design can affect the performance and scalability of Jira.
  • You know how to support your team in implementing best practices for Jira workflows. 
  • You can implement complex workflows to meet the needs of any type of development or business team.
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Proctored online at your own location


Jira Software Server Enterprise Releases, Jira Service Desk Server Enterprise Releases. Most or all of the assessment is also applicable to Jira Software Cloud and Jira Service Desk Cloud.

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USD $35 (+ tax)

Exam Time

120 minutes

Passing Score



Up to 75

Exam Topics


Atlassian University's recommended training course provides the foundation of knowledge you'll build on.  

Follow the training by gaining hands-on experience to ensure you're well-prepared for the Pro Skills exam.

We also recommend you review the product documentation as you prepare.

Other Resources

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Timing your badge

Plan the timing of your Badge carefully, with these considerations:

  • Following the recommended course, you can take the assessment to earn the Badge immediately, or you can choose to wait, and earn the Badge only when you need it to extend a related Certification.
  • Earning a Badge will extend any related Certifications by 24 months from the Badge earned date, providing you earn it before the Suspension Date of your Certifications. 
  • You can still earn a Badge during the 90-day Suspension period. If you earn a badge during the Suspension period, your Badge will extend your Certification by 24 months from the Certification Suspension Date.
  • Your Badge will extend only Certifications you already hold. Earning a Badge before earning a Certification will have no effect on the Certification.  

To take the exam online, you'll need to install Kryterion's Sentinel Secure application.

Download our Online-Proctored Exam Setup Guide for system requirements and setup instructions.

(If you can't meet the system requirements, you can take the exam in a Kryterion Testing Center.)


Step 1:  Register for the exam

  • Log in to the Certification Portal.
  • Click Schedule and Take Exams with Kryterion to go to the Kryterion testing site.
  • Select and register for the Webcam Proctored version of the exam (if this is your first time taking an online-proctored exam, choose a time at least 48 hours in the future).

Step 2:  Prepare your environment for the exam

  • After you've registered, the Kryterion home page will display instructions for you to install the Sentinel Secure application and set up your PC or laptop for online-proctored testing.
  • We recommend completing the setup immediately after registering; use the Online-Proctored Exam Setup Guide.
  • Important!  To avoid late rescheduling fees, make sure you've completed all the setup steps at least 24 hours prior to your exam appointment, so you'll be ready to start your exam on time.  

Step 3: Take the exam

  • Log back in to the Certification Portal at least 10 minutes prior to your exam time.
  • Click Schedule and Take Exams with Kryterion to go to the Kryterion testing site.
  • Click the Launch button to connect with your proctor online and start your exam. 

Contact Kryterion for help with online proctoring setup.  Help is available 24 hours through Live Chat, except Friday and Saturday, when it is available 12:30 PM - 7:00 AM UTC.