Multiple what-if scenario planning
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Want to compare roadmap scenarios to see which plan works best?

Portfolio for JIRA - Multiple Scenario Planning

With Portfolio for Jira, you can create, save, and compare multiple "what-if" scenarios. Change the scope, add or remove team members, or change release dates. Pick the best one that aligns with your business and product goals before commiting the changes.

Deliver on time or within scope

According to your Portfolio for Jira plan, you're overbooked. You want a solution that will allow your team to deliver on time and stay within scope. 

Create multiple scenarios

In Portfolio for Jira, you can create multiple scenarios, with varying scope and capacity, so you can compare which scenario works best for your team. Let's see what you can do.

Portfolio for JIRA - Change scope

Scenario A:
Reduce Scope

Move issues to the next release

Scenario B:
Increase capacity

Add another person to the team

Portfolio for JIRA - Change release dates

Scenario C:
Change release date

Delay your release date

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