Striving for Continuous Improvement

At Atlassian we know that "doing" Agile is just a step on the journey to "being" Agile. The Kaizen Project provides you insight into the best performing Agile teams around the world so that your own team can continuously improve.

Whatever your methodology, we are all striving towards one common goal, delivering value to our customers.

Agile Practice Guidebook

Continuous Deployment

A great benefit of continuous deployment is getting feedback fast. This requires discipline so that your customers don't become your testers.

Code changes will only be pushed to various environments - staging, production, even to mobile testers - if tests pass. Quality assistance, operations and developers are responsible for the deployment process - it is in all their interests to minimise the time to market.

Get a continuous feedback loop between you and your customers using JIRA Issue Collector and JIRA Mobile Connect

Feedback Loop

Capturing usage information from your customers is vital for delivering customer value over the long term and knowing where to focus your energy. Getting this feedback to your development team brings the customers closer and ensures your team feels the pain if the quality is low or the features do not match user needs.

Put the Issue Collector in your product or on your website to capture feedback from users in a web application. Use JIRA Mobile Connect to capture feedback from users of your mobile app.

Adopting DevOps

DevOps is a cultural shift to extending the definition of done to include delivery to customers, as opposed to developers just 'throwing stuff over the wall' to the operations team.

Many operations teams are turning to Kanban practices to assist with ordering incoming requests and minimising the cycle time. Operations teams also place a large emphasis on monitoring their service and ensuring you understand the data is just super important.