Striving for Continuous Improvement

At Atlassian we know that "doing" Agile is just a step on the journey to "being" Agile. The Kaizen Project provides you insight into the best performing Agile teams around the world so that your own team can continuously improve.

Whatever your methodology, we are all striving towards one common goal, delivering value to our customers.

Agile Practice Guidebook

Customer Development

Forget "build it and they will come" and give customer development a try. Customer development is an approach that allows a team to find customers, define a minimum viable product and validate their assumptions before building and scaling a business.

Avoiding waste and building the right thing first isn't just for startups, enterprises are also embracing this approach internally when exploring and validating new product ideas.

User Stories Capture Customer Value

One way to write user stories is in the form "As a ROLE I want SOMETHING so that BENEFIT". User stories start the team discussion about the value to be delivered to the customer and often include acceptance criteria.

User Story Mapping is an effective way to develop a backlog for your minimum viable product.

Adopting Scrum

Scrum teams estimate user stories in story points (e.g. fibonacci) or remaining hours. This provides an indication of the relative amount of work required for each story.

A product owner will order stories on a product backlog and then select stories for the sprint backlog. The team will review the stories in the sprint backlog, confirm estimates and commit to the stories they believe they can acomplish in the sprint.

A great place to get a detailed understanding is the Scrum Guide.

Adopting Kanban

Kanban teams start by visualising their existing workflow. They then implement work in progress limits and begin to measure metrics like lead and cycle time.

Kanban is often applied on top of an existing process. Estimates, if stories are even estimated, are usually in t-shirt sizes. Kanban teams are iterationless, focused on the flow of work.

Priming Kanban is a great guide to help your team get started.