Five Policies that Every Opsgenie User Should Know

Opsgenie Policies are a great way to streamline incident management workflows. You can use policies to modify the content of alerts, delay notifications until a more convenient time, or reduce the frequency of alerts that do not require attention.

This webinar covers:

  • Ways to set up and divide policies
  • Tactics for helping your team focus on what's important
  • Specific examples for how to increase operational efficiency using policies in Opsgenie


Darren Henry headshot

Darren Henry

Head of Product Marketing, Opsgenie

Darren Henry leads the Product Marketing team focused on Atlassian’s IT Operations products, including Opsgenie and Statuspage.  Previously the Vice President of Marketing at OpsGenie, Darren has also held marketing leadership roles at multiple technology companies including Onshape, Autodesk, InVue, and DS SolidWorks. He enjoys spending time with family, camping, and more recently, woodworking. Darren holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Florida.