Battle-Proven Techniques to Improve Major Incident Management

IT structures are becoming more complex. When disruptive incidents occur, teams must have a framework in place to ensure that response and resolution occur within the shortest time frame.

Watch the webinar recording hosted by Opsgenie and Blackrock 3 partners, authors of Incident Management for Operations, as we discuss how Incident Management practices used by fire departments can be applied to DevOps and IT Operations. 

This webinar covers:

  • The importance of planning and preparing for IT incidents
  • Establishing effective communication and collaboration channels during incident response
  • Improving processes through after-action reports


Berkay Mollamustafaoğlu headshot

Berkay Mollamustafaoğlu

Head of Opsgenie, Atlassian

As a long time IT professional, Berkay Mollamustafaoğlu has 20+ years of experience in running and scaling products and teams globally. He was the co-founder and CEO of Opsgenie, Atlassian’s on-call and incident management solution. He currently serves as the Head of Opsgenie after the company’s acquisition by Atlassian in 2018.

Rob Schnepp headshot

Rob Schnepp

Fire Chief, Incident Commander, Author Blackrock 3 Partners