The Atlassian Approach to Incident Management

With the rising expectation of always-on services, it's more critical now than ever before to have a fast, straightforward incident management process.

In this webinar we'll walk through the steps modern IT and DevOps teams are adopting to better respond to, resolve, and learn from every incident.

We’ll cover:

  • Atlassian’s approach to Incident Management
  • How IT Ops teams can modernize their incident response workflow to be more proactive and keep customers happy
  • How DevOps teams can streamline their workflows to quickly respond, resolve, and learn from every incident


Darren Henry headshot

Darren Henry

Head of Product Marketing, Opsgenie

Darren Henry leads the Product Marketing team focused on Atlassian’s IT Operations products, including Opsgenie and Statuspage.  Previously the Vice President of Marketing at OpsGenie, Darren has also held marketing leadership roles at multiple technology companies including Onshape, Autodesk, InVue, and DS SolidWorks. He enjoys spending time with family, camping, and more recently, woodworking. Darren holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Florida.

Kate Clavet headshot

Kate Clavet

Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager, Atlassian

経験豊富なテクニカル プロダクト マーケティング担当者である Kate は、ストレスの多い状況でも人々が職場で落ち着いていられるよう熱心にサポートしています。Kate は Opsgenie 買収時の 2018 年にアトラシアンに入社し、ハードウェアとソフトウェアの両業界での経験があります。仕事以外では、アウトドア、読書、筋力トレーニングを楽しんでいます。