Why get certified?

Why get certified?

Earn formal endorsement from Atlassian and industry recognition for your skills and experience.

Becoming an Atlassian Certified Professional earns you recognition for your skills and experience with Atlassian tools.  Propel your career by joining this elite group of worldwide professionals formally endorsed by Atlassian.

Becoming an ACP will help you to:

  • Differentiate yourself and stand out as a top performer
  • Optimize Atlassian products for your teams, so they can do their best work
  • Be an invaluable representative of Atlassian at your company, and enhance your credibility with your managers & colleagues
  • Open the door to more opportunities and advancement on your career path
  • Learn to do more with the Atlassian products you love

Need support from your management to get certified? Here's a justification letter template you can use to get the conversation started!

Why hire & employ Atlassian Certified Professionals?

Atlassian Certification will help you maximize the return from your technology investment.

Earning an Atlassian Certification is challenging, and requires your employees to gain experience, sharpen their skills, and study. Once they're certified, Atlassian is committed to helping them continue to expand their knowledge footprint and stay current with the latest in Atlassian technologies.

Hiring and employing Atlassian Certified Professionals means that:

  • You'll get more out of your technology investment in Atlassian products
  • You'll be able to optimize Atlassian products for your teams, so they can all do their best work
  • You'll have expert Atlassian insiders in your workforce who understand the unique needs of your company

Atlassian Certification is a great addition to your employee development toolbox.

Atlassian Certification is a valuable management tool for screening, hiring and employee development. Certifying your employees can boost retention and provide your top performers with a pathway to differentiate themselves.